Cork Acoustic Panels

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Cork panels are the ultimate choice for professionals who want style and substance. These multi-functional panels can be pinned with important bulletins and reconfigured to create pleasing patterns. Our acoustic cork wall panels have excellent sound-absorbent qualities, which dampens harsh soundscapes and improves employee productivity. Corkbee Strike 3D Cork Acoustic Panel plays an essential part in room acoustics in reception areas, open-plan workspaces, and meeting places across the UK. You have the power to create endless eye-catching configurations. This is just one of the modular noise-dampening cork options that we stock.


Acoustic Cork Wall Panels Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Corkbee Cork Acoustic Panels Made From?

Corkbee is a leading brand of cork acoustic wall panels. We stock lots of Corkbee panels because they are made from effective, high-quality materials. Another benefit of Corkbee panels is that they are made from old wine corks that are compressed. They are renewable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Is sustainability important to you? Corkbee Kite 3D Acoustic Cork Ceiling Panel could be the answer to your problem. This aesthetically pleasing panel is sound-absorbent and environmentally friendly. You can arrange the modules to create beautiful blooms.

Do Cork Acoustic Wall Panels Reduce Sound Transmission?

Cork is an excellent choice for people who want to reduce sound transmission. It is a low-density material, but it contains millions of tiny air bubbles. Sound waves that hit the surface of Corkbee Line 3D Cork Acoustic Panels are immediately absorbed. As the waves move throughout the material, they encounter air bubbles and dissipate. When you invest in cork panels, you can expect reduced sound transmission, fewer echoes, and an overall more pleasant soundscape.

Who Needs Acoustic Wall Panels?

Open-plan spaces are becoming more and more popular. Offices, schools, and libraries are all adopting an open-plan, inclusive approach to shared areas. The days of stiff, small cubicles might be gone, but open environments present their own problems. We recommend acoustic cork wall panels for people who want to protect their employees, students, and visitors from harsh background noise. Our stylish panels blend into sleek, professional spaces without a problem. Wall panels are a great choice when space is at a premium, but what if you do not want to install acoustic panels on your walls? DB Cork Acoustic Office Divider is an alternative to our wall-hung cork furnishings. It functions as a meeting place for brainstorming sessions, a sound-absorbent barrier, and a pinboard for important tasks.

Can I Customise Acoustic Cork Ceiling Panels?

Yes! Our cork acoustic wall panels are customisable. Corkbee cork panels are available in a range of stylish colours. You can choose from the full-colour spectrum, including sleek black and sophisticated dark green. For a bold pop of colour, why not try yellow?

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