Abstracta Hive Cubicle Office Workstation

The Hive office cubicle is a dynamic workstation created for offices with limited space. The Hives hexagonal shape is made up of sound-absorbing acoustic panels with an integrated table top.
£2622.84 ex. VAT
£3,147.41 inc. VAT

Hive Office Workstation Cubicles are made for offices with limited space. The hexagonal shape is comprised of sound-absorbing acoustic panels. Integrated tabletop included.

Abstracta Hive Product Specifications

  • Hexagonal shape
  • Integrated tabletop included
  • Tabletop made from white laminate
  • 90 or 120-degree tabletop
  • Height adjustable or fixed desk
  • Height adjustable mechanism hidden
  • Sound-absorbent filling
  • Concealed cable feature
  • Widths: 1610mm, 2010mm
  • Height: 1350mm
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Dox (price list A)
  • Cara (price list B)
  • Blazer (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Crisscross (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Hive Office Cubicle Space Planning

For modern, efficient office cubicle arrangements, look no further than Hive enclosures. They provide a base for professionals who want uninterrupted concentration.

  • Naturalistic hexagonal shape
  • Blends into elegant environments
  • Blocks harsh sounds
  • Guarantees privacy
  • Floor standing office cubicle wall panels

Hive Fully Enclosed Office Cubicles Reduce Sound Transmission

Functionality and style are at the heart of Paul Christiansen’s design. Hive office workstation cubicles are available in two models: a hexagonal shape and an open, welcoming workstation. The design is inspired by naturally occurring objects of aesthetic appeal such as turtle shells and honeycomb cells.

These fully enclosed office cubicles come with integrated desks. The height-adjustable desk feature is hidden by stylish zippers, and the office cubicle panels meet the ground. Even better, each panel contains sound-absorbent materials. They are 1350mm tall and prove to be an excellent barrier against harsh soundscapes.

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Hive Free-standing Office Cubicle Uses

Paul Christiansen designed Hive free-standing office cubicles for plush, premium environments. They are best suited to open-plan offices, but some customers order the hexagonal model for absolute privacy in small spaces. The small, subtle finishing touches such as the concealed adjustable height mechanism emphasise the premium nature of these dividers.

We recommend Hive office cubicle wall panels for anyone who values concentration. The walls stand tall enough to eliminate ambient sound at eye level, which means that professionals can expect uninterrupted concentration.

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Hive Office Desk Cubicles Materials

Unlike standard office cubicle arrangements, Hive office desk cubicles do not come with feet. Instead, the wall meets the ground, which is in keeping with Paul Christiansen’s seamless design principles. The office cubicle wall panels contain noise-reducing materials that are held in place with a robust wooden frame.

Hive Open Office Cubicles Customisation

With our bespoke service, office cubicle space planning has never been easier. As part of our service, we stock a wide range of Abstracta fabrics that are suitable for Hive office workstation cubicles. Dox, Cara, Blazer, Synergy, and Crisscross are the most popular Abstracta fabrics.

Dox is suitable for professionals who want sleek, unobtrusive fully enclosed office cubicles. This fabric is available in black, grey, and light grey. There are over 100 colour options to choose from. Whether you want vibrant colours or subtle hues, we have a fabric and a colour that meets your needs.

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Hive office desk cubicles can be customised today. Our design technicians are on hand for office cubicle space planning support. Contact our team to bring your vision to life.