Abstracta Domo Wall Acoustic Booth

Domo acoustic fabric upholstered sound-absorbing wall booths are ideal for busy open spaces. The wall booths are wall-mounted & prepared for cable runs. Wall-mounted fixings are supplied.
£1335.02 ex. VAT
£1,602.02 inc. VAT

Domo sound-absorbing foam wall booths are ideal in environments where there is an occasional need for a quiet, isolated area. 

Domo Sound-Absorbent Booth Product Specifications

  • Shelf is 600mm x 300mm
  • Shelf has a hole for cables
  • Wall booth ceiling arrives prepared for cable runs
  • Available for left and right-handed people
  • Available for purchase with or without a light
  • Mounted on concealed wall brackets
  • Wall-mounted fixings included
  • Width 1155mm x Height 790mm x Depth 665

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Domo Booths

  • Sound reduction qualities for important calls
  • Create privacy in public and professional settings
  • Available with or without light
  • Choose from a wide variety of fabric colours

Domo Privacy Booths Reduce Sound Transmission

Domo has transformed professional and public spaces all over the UK by creating acoustic booths. These booths are comprised of three walls, a ceiling, and a shelf. When occupants enter the booth, they can rest assured that they are having a private conversation. They are ideal for people who want to improve their room acoustics.

Each wall is fitted with sound-absorbing foam. Materials that reduce sound transmission (which are also known as acoustic materials) have an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) value. This value ranges from 0 (the material absorbs no sound waves) to 1.0 (the material absorbs all sound waves). The lower the value, the better the material will protect against sound. Domo wall booths have an NRC rating of 0.45. 

Domo Privacy Booth Uses

Domo sound-absorbing panels are a popular choice for professional environments all over the UK. The snug booth acts as a barrier between the occupant and other individuals in the space. The sound-absorbing foam inside each booth ensures that the occupant can have a private, confidential conversation. 

When you choose Domo wall booths, you can make any space a private one. These booths are most popular with working professionals. Domo booths are perfect for open-plan offices or smaller offices where privacy is difficult to come by. 

Anyone who values privacy in a semi-public, public, or professional setting will benefit from Domo booths. If you like Domo, you will love Abstracta acoustic furniture

Domo Acoustic Booth Materials

When it comes to office equipment, it is important to find products that are sleek and unobtrusive. The creative brains behind Domo work hard to ensure that each booth has a high-quality finish. 

There is an element of customisation to each Domo acoustic board order. Business professionals can choose fabrics that suit their aesthetic. We are happy to customise each order to create a bespoke piece that matches the style of your space. 

Salsa and Camira Blazer are two of the most popular upholstery choices for Domo acoustic phone booths. These materials are handpicked because they create a professional finish and do not impact the acoustic properties of the sound-absorbing foam inside each booth. 

Domo Acoustic Phone Booth Customisation

Domo acoustic phone booths can be customised to suit any preference. Whether you want a muted, cool grey or a blend between light blue and dark blue, we have got you covered. We stock a range of Salsa fabric swatches for all kinds of different environments. 

We are firm believers that professional equipment can be aesthetically pleasing. Some of our customers want Domo wall booths to be the focal point in their space, whereas others customise them to fade into the background. 

Buy Domo Sound-Absorbing Panels Today

When you choose Domo wall booths, you are in complete control of the design. We employ experienced design technicians to help you realise your vision. Our design technicians are only a few clicks away.

Whether you want bold accents or functional finishes, we can help. Our team can even advise you about the layout of your space. It can sometimes be difficult to see the forest for the trees. In our ever-evolving, fast-paced world, quiet spaces seem unattainable. Contact us today to speak to a friendly face about your design dilemma.


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Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content, mindful MATERIALS, EPD, HPD, Declare CDHP Emissions Compliant


100% Polyester


100% Pine


100% Steel mounting brackets (fully concealed)

NRC Rating



Width 665mm x Height 1155mm x Depth 790mm”

Sold In



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Additional Information

• The booth is available for right or left-hand fitting and contains a shelf made from white painted MDF. A discrete cable hole is positioned in the corner.
• Domo Wall Booth is available with or without a light.
• Domo Wall Booth is available with several coverings, contents detailed below
• Blazer fabric 100% Wool
• Salsa fabric 100% Polyester
• Dox fabric 100% Polyester
• Event fabric 100% Polyester


Abstracta Domo Wall Acoustic Booth Brochure
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