Xib-it Pole & Panel Multi-Board with Aluminium Frame

This multi-functional display board is upholstered in high-quality, pinnable fabric on either side. Available in four colours.
£276.00 ex. VAT
£331.20 inc. VAT

Xib-It Display Board Product Specifications

  • Widths: 940mm, 1240mm, 1540mm, 1840mm
  • Heights: 1580mm, 1730mm, 1880mm
  • Height adjustable by 210mm
  • Non-linking screen
  • Four colours to choose from 2-year warranty

Key Benefits of Xib-It Display Boards

Xib-it exhibition boards are a versatile addition to any workspace.

  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Pin to-do lists to the fabric
  • Space for collaboration
  • Stylish, customisable colours

Xib-it Exhibition Boards Encourage Collaboration

Xib-it creates display boards that serve a dual purpose; they divide rooms to create private areas in open-plan spaces and they also act as a base for collaboration between like-minded colleagues. In busy collaborative and public environments, the benefits of a sturdy freestanding display board are endless. We also stock alternatives like Heavy Duty Folding Table Top Display Board, which is perfect for professionals who do not have space for floor-standing furnishings. Each side of the board is upholstered in pinnable fabric, meaning two teams can use it at the same time. Colleagues, employees, and visitors can interact with to-do lists, interesting information, and group tasks by pinning materials to the board. If you are searching for display boards for exhibitions, you are in the right place. Do you want pinnable fabric panels that link? Browse through our range of Concertina folding office screens.

Xib-it Notice Board Uses

Xib-it has created a simple yet functional product that solves modern communication dilemmas. This notice board acts as an alternative to mass emails or morning meetings, which can be both time-consuming and futile. In the corporate world, employees are anxious to reduce their screen time. By taking information sharing back to basics, employers can engage with individuals who feel alienated by the overwhelming role of technology in their day-to-day lives. Of course, Xib-it display boards are more than just meeting points. Schools, libraries, and offices nationwide use these boards to separate large rooms. This is especially important for spaces that accommodate more than one team. We recommend standing Xib-it boards side-by-side to create a sturdy barrier between busy teams.

Xib-it Exhibition Display Boards Materials

Xib-it Pole and Panel exhibition boards come with a sturdy aluminium pole on either side. The panel also features a satin silver anodised aluminium frame which holds a felt-covered double-sided panel. The fabric is pinnable, so customers can share information on both sides of the board.

Xib-it Freestanding Display Boards Customisation

Xib-it freestanding display boards are the ideal addition to any space. This versatile board can be customised to suit any colour scheme. Xib-it is available in Blue, Green, Grey, and Red. All four of these fabric colours are fantastic for shared spaces, but our interior designers can help you decide which is best for your specific space.

Buy Xib-it Photo Display Boards Today

Xib-it notice boards are available for purchase today. Remember, you can customise each board; so make sure to take advantage of our in-house design team. They can recommend colours, fabrics, and even different furnishings for your space. Contact our team to book a discovery call.