Mobile Insta Wall Concertina Screen with Lockable Castors

Mobile Insta concertina folding office screen is one of the most versatile acoustic furnishings on the market. Castor feet included.
£807.00 ex. VAT
£968.40 inc. VAT

Concertina Room Divider Product Specifications

  • Widths: 1800mm, 3000mm, 4200mm
  • Heights: 1940mm
  • Available as 3, 5, or 7 panels
  • Piano hinges link the panels together
  • Supplied with lockable castor wheels
  • Make straight lines, bays, or right angles
  • Acoustic abilities
  • Lightweight furnishing
  • Easily folds away
  • Following fabrics available: Cara, Lucia, or Macflex
  • 2-year warranty

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Mobile Concertina Folding Office Screen

This concertina screen room divider is available with three, five, or seven panels. One person can easily assemble and move it into place and then store it away from sight. Disrupts harsh sound waves Sturdy, pinnable board Lightweight structure is easy to move Create bays, right angles, and curves Mobile, versatile screen Encourages collaboration

Concertina Screen Room Dividers Reduce Sound Transmission

This divider features a number of panels (your choice of three, five, or seven) that are connected by sturdy full-length piano hinges. No matter how many panels you choose, Mobile Insta concertina screen is lightweight and movable. The included lockable castor feet make the process of storing and unpacking the panels as easy as possible. Each panel folds up into a self-contained frame, which means that Mobile Insta an excellent option for people who need to save space. Mobile Triple Office Screen with Castor Feet is another popular space-saving option. Each panel is connected via a 3-way flexible linking strip which adds another layer of versatility to an already multi-functional product. Mobile Insta concertina room dividers occupy a unique space in the world of acoustic furnishings. On top of having proven sound-absorbing qualities, they solve a number of problems that are common in shared, collaborative environments. Both sides are adorned with pinnable fabric, meaning multiple teams can utilise their shared space to the best of their abilities. Students, employees, and visitors can pin notices, deadlines, and vital information to Mobile Insta concertina dividers.

Concertina Room Divider Uses

One of the biggest problems facing modern shared spaces is background noise. The stereotypical image of the open-plan office, which includes smiling colleagues huddled around the water cooler, might not be the best option for your workplace. The reality is that students and employees need quiet spaces to contemplate the day ahead and organise their schedules. Unlike a lot of standard screens, Mobile Insta concertina folding office screen has the ability to disrupt sound waves. As soon as waves hit the surface of this sound-absorbing board, they dissipate and disappear. Harsh soundscapes are instantly soothed, and workers are far more productive. Of course, pinnable concertina screens also encourage collaboration. When colleagues crowd around Mobile Insta screen to talk about their projects, you do not have to worry about your soundscape. The noise-reducing qualities in the board will dampen chatter and allow other employees to continue working.

Mobile Concertina Screen Materials

This concertina screen room divider is manufactured by Space Right Europe, a leading creator of display and presentation products. It has over 100 years’ experience in the industry, and is known for using unparalleled premium-quality materials. Mobile Insta concertina screen is no different. This furnishing is comprised of a satin silver anodised aluminium frame, sound-absorbing filling, and lockable castor feet.

Mobile Concertina Divider Customisation

Mobile Insta concertina room dividers have a few customisation options. You can order a screen that has three, five, or seven panels. Remember, whichever screen you choose, all the panels will fold inwards for easy storage. You can also choose from four stylish colours. Blue and Red are bold primary colours that are suited to chatty, vibrant collaborative spaces. If you are searching for something more subdued, you should consider Grey or Green. Mobile Concertina Folding Office Screen is a similar product, and it comes with a wider range of nyloop fabric options.

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