Edge Fabric 58 Pinnable Acoustic Desk Screen

Edge Pinnable 58 is striking in its simplicity. It features welcoming rounded corners and a sleek, minimalist design.
£103.70 ex. VAT
£124.44 inc. VAT

Edge Pinnable 58 acoustic fabric desk screens are available for customisation today. We dispatch all Edge products in 10 to 14 working days. You can enjoy smoother s oundscapes and improved concentration in just a few weeks! Contact our team to get the ball rolling.

Edge 58 Product Specifications

  • 58mm thick screen
  • Non-linking screen with rounded corners
  • 50mm radius with desk clamps included
  • Clamps for 17 - 33mm thick desks
  • Following fabrics available: Maxflex, Cara, and Lucia
  • 5-year warranty fire-safe fabric
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Edge Pinnable 58 Acoustic Desk Divider

Discover a new way to improve concentration with Edge Pinnable 58 desk dividers. One of the biggest benefits of Edge furnishings is that they are stuffed full of noise-reducing materials. Here are just a few of the other benefits.

  • Private nooks in public areas
  • Encourages concentration
  • Absorbs sound waves
  • Reduces background noise
  • Easy installation process
  • Customisable upholstery

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Edge Pinnable 58 Acoustic Desk Screen Reduces Sound Transmission

Solve your noise problem with Edge Pinnable 58 acoustic desk screens today. Do your employees, colleagues, or students struggle to concentrate? Is background noise taking over your day? Acoustic furnishings are a modern solution to an age-old problem. Edge screens are designed for installation directly onto desks. Once installed, the divider forms a barrier between busy workers. It captures sound waves that are eye-level and below, which creates private nooks in even the most open-plan office. Whereas most acoustic desk dividers feature blunt, straight edges, Edge furnishings feature rounded corners that create a premium look. This design choice, combined with the number of fabrics and colours on offer, creates a panel that can blend into any environment. As an added bonus, all the upholstery options are fire-retardant. Explore more Edge furnishings today. We recommend Edge Fabric 38 Freestanding Acoustic Partition Screen.

Edge Fabric Desk Screen Uses

Professionals, students, and communities all over the UK benefit from fabric desk screens. Edge Pinnable 58 is one of the top choices for people who want desk-mounted screens. It has all the advantages of other acoustic furnishings, but it also benefits from a stylish yet simple exterior. The featureless fabric and rounded corners create an aesthetically-pleasing panel that can blend into exam halls, community centres, and open-plan offices. You can use Edge Pinnable 58 screens to separate colleagues, peers, or even different departments. Most modern shared spaces do not have individual nooks, which can make individuals feel as if they have no privacy. Edge solves this problem with Pinnable 58 screens, which are just tall enough to protect privacy but also encourage collaboration.

Edge Desk-Compatible Screen Materials

Professionals purchase products in the Edge range because they are made with high-quality, resilient materials. No expense is spared in the manufacturing of Pinnable 58 acoustic desk screens. Each screen features a 25mm sound-absorbing core, 12mm pinboards, 3mm foam slats on either side. Your choice of fabric upholstery covers the entire screen. All the compatible fabrics are fire retardant.

Edge Pinnable 58 Acoustic Desk Divider Customisation

At Panelscreens, we specialise in bespoke pieces. The Edge range is no different. Pinnable 58 is a frameless acoustic desk divider that can be upholstered in a range of soft, durable fabrics. We stock Macflex, Cara, and Lucia fabrics, all of which have achieved an excellent fire rating. Colours are something else that you have to think about. Soft, autumnal colours can add a welcoming slant to any of our Edge furnishings. Dark, deep tones like mauve and black are cohesive options for sleek, sophisticated spaces. If you are unsure about which colour to choose, just speak to our design experts.