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Edge Fabric 38 Acoustic Desk Screen

Edge fabric acoustic desk divider screens are available in a number of warm and vibrant colours. The rounded corners, sleek finish, and sound-absorbent core make this divider an appealing choice for professional environments.
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£88.20 inc. VAT

Key Benefits of Edge Fabric Acoustic Privacy Desk Screen Divider

Acoustic desk screens play an important role in shared spaces such as libraries, open-plan offices, and schools. Edge fabric acoustic desk screens create semi-private spaces in busy, loud environments. 

• Disrupts harsh soundscapes
• Improves productivity
• Easy installation with clamps
• 12 colours to choose from
• Acoustic surface on both sides of the Upholstered Office Screen

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Edge Acoustic Desk Divider ScreensReduce Sound Transmission

Edge furnishings are designed to combat unwanted sounds. These acoustic privacy desk screen dividers are placed at the perfect height to disrupt sound waves that are the result of computers, phones, and conversations. Minimalism and functionality form the core of this panel. The rounded corners and frameless design are simple yet welcome additions.

Each screen comes with two clamps for easy installation. Once Edge desk-mounted acoustic screens are installed, you can enjoy a calmer, more productive environment. We sell dividers that span across entire desks and smaller dividers that separate deskmates who sit side by side. Whatever your workspace, you can find a solution with Edge screens. 

Edge Desk-Mounted Acoustic Screen Uses

Edge fabric acoustic desk-mounted screens have endless uses. They come with clamps that are suitable for desks that are 17 to 28mm thick, making them compatible with most desks. Once installed, the dividers act as barriers to sound waves. Unwanted sounds are one of the biggest problems in modern, open-plan spaces. When sound waves have free rein to travel and reverberate, shared spaces become intolerable. Edge dividers solve this problem. 

Professionals also purchase Edge acoustic desk divider screens to create a sense of privacy. It can be difficult to strike a balance between concentration and collaboration in open-plan offices. This divider is tall enough to absorb irritating sound waves, but also short enough to allow colleagues to communicate.

Edge Acoustic Desk-Mounted Screens Materials

Edge acoustic desk screens are manufactured in the UK. Each screen is 38mm thick and has a radius of 50mm for all the rounded corners. The core is made from sound-absorbent materials, and the exterior is upholstered in stretchy fabric that is available in a number of colours. 

This screen also comes with a five-year warranty.

Edge Screen Customisation

Acoustic furnishings do not have to be plain and boring. Bespoke acoustic furnishings offer the best of both worlds. Professionals from all over the UK contact us to customise acoustic privacy desk screen dividers

Edge fabric dividers can be customised to complement offices, reception areas, community centres, polling stations, and study spaces. They are available in 12 stylish colours that range from floral fancies to elegant options. When you choose Edge furnishings, you never have to worry about eyesores. 

Customers can also choose between widths. Screens that are 800m wide or below are supplied with pre-drilled clamp holes that are 75mm from each end. Screens that are over 800mm wide come with pre-drilled clamp holes that are 228mm from each end.

Product Specifications

• 38mm thick screen
• Improves productivity
• Easy installation with clamps
• Non-linking divider
• Two-year guarantee
• Clamps supplied
• Choose from 4 clamps to fit any desk
• Bespoke sizes available
• Fire-retardant upholstery
• 12 colour options available

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You can customise desk-mounted acoustic screens today! Our experienced designers will walk you through the process and answer any questions that you have. Fill in our contact form to learn more about our customisation options.