Motus Mobile Whiteboard Screen

Motus Mobile whiteboards can be linked together to create a wall. The Motus mobile screen is supplied with 2 castor feet. The lower half is fabric covered with a dry wipe whiteboard upper panel.

Motus Mobile Whiteboards on Wheels can be linked to create a wall. The lower half is covered in Camira fabric and the upper half is comprised of a whiteboard panel.

Motus Mobile Whiteboard Product Specifications

  • 30mm thick screen
  • Aluminium frame
  • Split finishes come with a triple tool rail
  • Each screen comes with four castor feet
  • Inline or 90-degree linking
  • Dry-wipe whiteboard as standard
  • Acrylic and glass top screen also available
  • Widths: 600mm to 2000mm
  • Heights: 400mm to 2000mm
  • Camira fabrics available:
  • Cara
  • Lucia
  • Blazer
  • Blazer Lite
  • Synergy

Key Benefits of Motus Mobile Office Screens

Agile teams can tick lots of tasks off their to-do lists with Motus mobile whiteboards. They are also ideal for libraries, seminar rooms, and study spaces.

  • Promotes organisation
  • Platform for brainstorming
  • Made for agile teams
  • Linear or 90-degree configurations
  • Can be stored out of sight

Motus Whiteboards on Wheels Reduce Sound Transmission

Motus freestanding whiteboards are the go-to choice for teams who want multi-functional office furnishings. They are comprised of fabric upholstery on the lower half and a dry-wipe whiteboard on the upper half. Customers can swap the whiteboard for an acrylic board. The boards can be connected at 90-degree angles to create small alcoves for collaborative meetings.

These mobile office screens come with four castor feet. Professionals can wheel these boards from room to room to fulfil different needs. They function as barriers between different teams and against unwanted sounds. Each 30mm board is 942mm from floor level. They block sounds from eye level upwards, which allows employees to focus on their deadlines.

View Mobile Whiteboard Screen and Draft Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard are also suitable for professionals who want multi-functional boards.

Motus Freestanding Whiteboards Uses

True to its Latin name, Motus allows for motion. We recommend this furnishing for professionals who want whiteboards on wheels. It functions as a focal point for organisation, meetings, and brainstorming. The upper half can be a dry wipe board, glass, or acrylic. All these options are easy to maintain.

Accessories include a junction post, pen pot, and landscape tray.

Each Mobile Whiteboard in our range is perfect for open-plan spaces. This board comes with four lockable and movable castor feet. One day, this divider can be wheeled into a conference room for spontaneous brainstorming. The next day, the dividers can be connected to create private alcoves. They are perfect for libraries, study spaces, and seminar rooms.

Motus Mobile Whiteboard Materials

Motus freestanding whiteboards are comprised of a medium density fibreboard (MDF) core. The sound-absorbent core is faced with recycled paper vented honeycell beecore. The bottom of the board is upholstered in Camira fabrics.

Each screen is mounted on a sturdy aluminium frame.

Motus Mobile Office Screens Customisation

Motus mobile office screens can be customised to blend into a number of different environments. The aluminium frame is available in graphite, white, black, and silver finishes. Each screen has a dry-wipe board as standard. The whiteboard can be swapped out for an acrylic or glass board.

The bottom half is upholstered in Camira fabrics. We stock popular fabrics such as Cara, Lucia, Blazer, Blazer Lite, and Synergy. This mobile whiteboard can pop with bright blue Galilee, or match sleek professional environment with subdued Ronay and Dolphin hues.

Buy Motus Whiteboards on Wheels Today

Customise Motus whiteboards on wheels today! Customers can choose from a range of options to make their boards unique. There is no end to the number of variations that our customers can choose. Fill in our online form and begin creating your perfect divider.