Draft Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

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Draft Reversible Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard Screen makes collaboration possible. Choose between a full-scale E3 whiteboard on both sides or a corkboard on one side and an E3 whiteboard on the other.

Draft Whiteboard Product Specifications

  • Warm oak drawer included
  • Lock-in castor feet included
  • W1235mm x H1950mm x D650mm
  • Following options available:
  • Full-scale E3 whiteboard on both sides
  • Full-scale E3 whiteboard on one side, corkboard on the other

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Draft Double-Sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboards

Freestanding whiteboards promote idea sharing in busy environments. Draft boards come with lock-in castor wheels. When your meeting is finished, simply unlock the wheels and store the board away from sight.

  • Created for spontaneous meetings
  • Ideal for busy professionals
  • Made for study spaces and offices
  • Never let a good idea disappear again
  • Lock-in castor wheels for easy mobility

Draft Mobile Whiteboard Reduces Sound Transmission

True to its name, Draft double-sided magnetic mobile whiteboard provides ample opportunity for collaboration. It was developed to satisfy demands for adaptability. Customers can request full-scale E3 whiteboards on both sides or an E3 whiteboard on one side and a corkboard on the other. A warm oak drawer sits below the board and provides space for storing pens and erasers.

Draft mobile office screens are made with professionals in mind. The creators of Draft know how difficult it is to find a moment for meetings in our modern world. Draft mobile reversible magnetic whiteboards eliminate this problem. They are mounted on an anthracite grey steel frame with lockable castors. Professionals can wheel Draft boards into meeting areas at a moment’s notice.

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Draft Mobile Reversible Magnetic Whiteboard Uses

Draft mobile whiteboard has numerous uses. This multi-functional divider can be customised with full-scale E3 whiteboards or a single whiteboard and a corkboard. The corkboard side is perfect for teams who want to create spaces for updates. The full-scale whiteboards are perfect for professionals who want impromptu, energetic meetings.

The oak drawer is an excellent space for organisation. With Draft mobile office screens, professionals never have to misplace their whiteboard pen ever again. These boards are also ideal for study spaces and libraries. The handy lockable castors allow customers to slot Draft dividers away from sight and wheel them out at will.

Draft Whiteboard on Wheels Materials

Draft whiteboard on wheels is made from sturdy, long-lasting materials. An anthracite grey steel frame holds the bord together. Customers can choose from a corkboard on one side and an E3 enamel whiteboard on the other or full-scale E3 whiteboards on both sides.

The grey castors are made from plastic.

Draft Freestanding Whiteboards Customisation

Unlike our other dividers, Draft freestanding whiteboards do not have fabric upholstery. The customisation options are limited, but customers can still create personalised dividers that suit their spaces.

Draft mobile reversible magnetic whiteboards are available with a full-scale E3 whiteboard on either side and castor feet that lock in place. This option is perfect for study spaces and offices that do not have room for regular furnishings. Draft dividers can be rolled into meeting spaces at a moment’s notice.

Draft mobile office screens can also be customised to have a corkboard on one side and an E3 whiteboard on the other. The half corkboard option is perfect for professionals who want to keep track of their progress.

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