Alumi Part Writing Mobile Whiteboard Screen

Alumi part-writing is a single-sided magnetic mobile whiteboard screen and has a reverse side fully upholstered in fabric. This sound-absorbent screen comes with built-in castor wheel

Alumi Part-Writing is a single-sided magnetic mobile whiteboard screen. The reverse side is upholstered in noise-dampening fabric. This acoustic screen comes with built-in castor wheels for easy movability.

Alumi Part-Writing Freestanding Board Product Specifications

  • Boards are 63mm thick
  • 5-year guarantee
  • In-built E3 whiteboard
  • E3 whiteboard can be replaced with a glass board
  • Pre-installed wheels
  • Widths: 806mm, 1206mm, 1406mm
  • Heights: 1306mm, 1506mm, 1806mm, 2006mm
  • Fabric options as follows:
  • Soundfelt VF (price list A)
  • Blazer (price list B)
  • Sonus (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Divina Melange (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Part-Writing Magnetic Mobile Whiteboards

This Part-Writing mobile whiteboard can be adapted to suit any professional environment. It is ideal for people who want a stylish, functional acoustic screen.

  • Blocks distracting sounds
  • Use more than one screen to create a meeting space
  • Easy to manoeuvre around offices and libraries
  • Customise to suit any environment
  • Impromptu meeting area for busy professionals
  • Range of fabric options for discerning designers
  • No installation required

Part-Writing Mobile Office Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Acclaimed designer Nina Jobs designed Part-Writing freestanding whiteboards for professional environments. This board builds on the success of the Alumi Acoustic Screen. One side of the Part-Writing screen is upholstered in sound-absorbing felt, and the other side is split between felt upholstery and a sturdy E3 whiteboard. Part-Writing screens are mounted on aluminium frames and feature in-built wheels.

This whiteboard on wheels contains noise-dampening materials. Alumi Part Writing screens are effective barriers against unwanted sounds. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface of the material, and sound vibrations disperse throughout.

Alumi Reversible Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard has a full-scale whiteboard on one side. Alumi Duo Double-Sided Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard has half an E3 whiteboard on both sides, which promotes maximum efficiency in small office spaces.

Part-Writing Whiteboard on Wheels Uses

We recommend Part-Writing mobile office screens for professionals who are always on the go. They are perfect for open-plan environments. The upholstered elements of the board create a barrier against distracting noises, and the E3 whiteboard provides a basis for new ideas.

Alumi freestanding whiteboards function as spontaneous meeting points for busy professionals. Each board has in-built castor wheels. Our customers can even store the boards out of sight, and bring them back into focus for meetings. They can be used alone or placed side by side to create an impromptu, sound-absorbent meeting room.

Part-Writing Freestanding Whiteboards Materials

Alumi Part-Writing mobile whiteboards are portable and lightweight. They are 63mm thick and filled with sound-absorbent acoustic materials. The board is mounted on in-built castor wheels and an aluminium frame. One side is upholstered with your choice of patterned or unpatterned fabric. The other side is one-half fabric and one-half E3 whiteboard.

Part-Writing Mobile Whiteboard Customisation

At Panelscreens, we create bespoke furnishings for professional environments. Our customers can choose tailored colours and fabrics for their whiteboard on wheels. We stock a range of different fabrics including firm-favourites like Soundfelt VF, Blazer, and Divina Melange. Soundfelt VF has a range of muted colours like black, dark grey, and grey. Camira Blazer offers customers more than 40 colour options from light blue to lilac.

Alumi Part-Writing mobile whiteboards can be upholstered in smooth or textured fabric. There are three textured fabric options. Dot, Stop, and Block patterned fabrics transform Part-Writing boards into stylish focal points.

Buy Part-Writing Freestanding Whiteboards Today

Alumi Part-Writing magnetic mobile whiteboards are available for purchase today. Fill in our online form to start the design process. We employ experienced design technicians who can make your experience as hassle-free as possible. They can even advise you about the best customisation options for your environment.


Nina Jobs




Rapidly Renewable Content, Recycled Content


100% Mineral Wool


100% Aluminum or White Anodized Aluminum


100% Aluminum with Silver or White finishing.

NRC Rating



Depth: 63mm x Widths: 806mm or 1190mm x Heights (without legs) 1806mm or 2006mm. | All 'Basic' Leg Dimensions: Height 50mm x Width 450mm, Peg-Leg: Height 50mm x Width 50mm

Sold In



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Additional Information

Alumi Combi has two sides. One side features a sound absorbing mineral wool core covered in either polyester felt, wool, or polyester upholstery. The opposite side is a large writing surface comprised of E3 magnetic glass-enameled steel with pen shelf.

  • Connecting hardware included: Grey plastic 2-way, 2-way 90°, 3-way and a 4-way connection pieces.
  • Alumi Combi Screens are available in several coverings, contents detailed below
  • Compacted 100% Polyester Felt with choice of embossed pattern, Dot or Block in 3 color choices
  • Blazer fabric 100% Wool
  • Salsa fabric 100% Polyester
  • Dox fabric 100% Polyester
  • Event fabric 100% Polyester