Agile Digital Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard

Agile Digital Mobile Reversible Whiteboards have a foldable laptop desk, an E3 whiteboard, space for a digital interface, and an integrated cable (USB-C) for screen sharing and laptop charging.
RRP MSRP: £3392.00 £2798.40 ex. VAT
£3,358.08 inc. VAT

Digital Freestanding Whiteboard Product Specifications

  • Digital display on one side
  • Sturdy aluminium frame
  • Wheels included
  • Smart fold-out laptop table
  • E3 whiteboard on one side
  • In-built USB-C cable
  • W1900 x H1300mm x D540mm
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Repetto in Graphite Grey or Cream White
  • Vidar 4 in Light Yellow

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Digital Mobile Reversible Whiteboards

For a perfect blend of technology and human-centred design, look no further than the Agile whiteboard on wheels. It is one of the most versatile Magnetic Mobile Whiteboards that we stock.

  • Multi-functional acoustic divider
  • Whiteboard on wheels
  • Perfect for spontaneous meetings
  • Absorbs distracting sound waves
  • Made for busy professional environments

Digital Mobile Office Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Designed with multiple uses in mind, Agile dividers are ideal for busy professional environments. The creative brains behind Studio Stockholm created Agile freestanding whiteboards for people who want sound-absorbent meeting spaces. Each board has an E3 whiteboard on one side and a digital screen on one half of the other. There is even a smart fold-out table for laptops and a USB-C cable.

The remainder of the board is upholstered in noise dampening fabric. Agile mobile whiteboards are a light and sophisticated solution to a number of office needs. They even absorb sound waves, which means that professionals benefit from softer soundscapes while they work.

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Digital Whiteboard on Wheels Uses

Agile mobile office screens are multi-functional. There is no end to the number of tasks that teams can accomplish when they choose Agile. This design is very versatile and can accommodate lots of different tasks at once. The E3 whiteboard is perfect for idea sharing, and the in-built screen is made for video conferencing. Teams can contact their international counterparts and conduct impromptu meetings.

This Agile whiteboard on wheels is ideal for any environment that values collaboration. These sturdy, long-lasting dividers do not look out of place in study spaces and seminar rooms. Customers can wheel the divider between rooms with ease. They are best suited to professionals who want to seize the moment and capitalise on spontaneous ideas.

Digital Freestanding Whiteboards Materials

Digital mobile reversible whiteboards are built on sturdy aluminium frames. Customers can use the whiteboard and fold-out laptop table without worrying about slippage. There is an E3 whiteboard on one side, and upholstery on the other.

Customers can choose from a number of different fabrics.

Digital Magnetic Mobile Whiteboard Customisation

Elegance and style are at the forefront of Digital mobile office screens, but that does not mean that acoustic properties are ignored. Digital is unique in that it comes with a range of pre-approved noise dampening fabrics. All the Digital magnetic mobile whiteboard fabrics that we stock have excellent acoustic properties.

Customers can choose Repetto fabric, which comes in Graphite Grey and Cream White, or Vidar 4 fabric, which is available in Light Yellow. The colour of the aluminium frame matches the colour of the fabric. Any of these colours will blend into sleek professional environments.

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