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Muffle Acoustic Wall Panel Blazer

Muffle acoustic wall panels have excellent sound-absorbent properties. These striking panels absorb sound waves before they become echoes.
£82.50 ex. VAT
£99.00 inc. VAT

Muffle Acoustic Wall Product Specifications

• 25mm sound-absorbent core
• 30mm deep MCR frame
• NRC rating of 0.55 for 25mm thick and 0.90 for 50mm thick
• Supplied with Ultramate Industrial Strength Velcro
• Upholstered in Camira fabrics
• Width: 400mm to 2000mm
• Depth: 400mm to 1200mm
• Camira fabrics available: Blazer, Blazer Lite, Cara and Lucia

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 
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Key Benefits of Muffle Acoustic Wall Panelling

For stylish simplicity, look no further than Muffle wall acoustic panels. These sleek panels can be upholstered in a range of Camira fabrics to suit your office, reception area, library, or workspace. 

• Wall-mounted
• Simple, clean design
• Hidden seams for a flush finish
• Several Camira fabric upholstery options
• Customise the size of the panels
• Reconfigure the panels to suit your space

Muffle Acoustic Panels for Walls Reduce Sound Transmission

Muffle proves that there is nothing wrong with going back to the basics. The clean lines add a distinct professional finish to the high-quality Camira upholstery. Muffle panels are ideal for interior designers who value cohesiveness and style. 

Each panel benefits from an internal 25mm acoustic core, which ensures that soundscapes are softened and harsh noises are a thing of the past. The noise-dampening core has a Noise Reduction Co-efficient (NRC) of 0.55 for 25mm thick foam and 0.90 for 50mm thick foam, meaning it is proven to absorb sound waves.

If you are searching for versatile acoustic panels for walls, you are in the right place. Muffle is designed to be customised. Each panel has a width between 400mm and 2000mm and a depth between 400mm and 1200mm. Pick and choose between different sizes to create a collage of sound-absorbent panels that match your environment.</p> 

Muffle Acoustic Wall Panel Uses

Muffle acoustic wall panels disrupt harsh sounds. They are designed for installation on walls, but it is up to you where you place them. You can strategically place panels in problem areas. When sound waves hit the wall, Muffle panels will absorb them before they become echoes. 

This acoustic wall panelling is more than just functional. The brains behind Muffle have created a minimalist yet customisable range that can imbue any space with elegance. 

Our customers install Muffle panels on walls behind reception areas, speaker podiums, and open-plan shared spaces. It is not uncommon to see wall acoustic panels in any environment that struggles with disruptive soundscapes.

Muffle Acoustical Wall Panels Materials

Muffle acoustical wall panels are very structurally sound. Each board is comprised of a 25mm thick acoustic foam and covered in a 3mm foam sheet. They are both adhered to a 12mm thick Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF). 

The unit is upholstered in 1mm thick Camira fabric.

Muffle Wall Acoustic PanelsCustomisation

The beauty of Muffle lies in the customisation options. Professionals from all over the UK purchase these acoustic panels for walls. There is a wide range of depths and widths available, which makes them perfect for unusual spaces. Our customers can create a collage of Muffle panels that accommodate any wall. 

These panels are upholstered in Camira fabric. Camira is a range of subtle, understated fabrics that are sure to add a hint of warmth to your surroundings. We can customise your panel with Cara, Lucia, Blazer, and Blazer Lite Camira fabrics in a range of colours. 

Buy Muffle Acoustic Wall Panels Today

Muffle acoustic wall panelling is available today! Start customising your creation and improve the soundscape in your space. When you choose Muffle, employees, students, and visitors can expect a peaceful environment. Fill in our online form to begin designing.

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