Evergreen Acoustic Moss Wall Panels

100% natural the Evergreen acoustic moss wall panel is available framed or unframed. The moss is preserved with natural dyes & salts making it flame retardant. The moss has excellent natural acoustic absorption qualities.
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£478.80 inc. VAT

100% natural acoustic moss wall panel. Evergreen Acoustic Wall Panels are preserved with natural dyes and salt to make them flame retardant.

Evergreen Sound-Absorbent Tile Product Specifications

  • Acoustic moss panel
  • 100% natural
  • Framed or unframed
  • Five panels in a package
  • No maintenance required
  • Preserved to maintain its lustre
  • Flame retardant
  • Flexible carrier panel included
  • Panel available in HDF, felt, or glass fibre
  • W380mm x H580mm
  • Florets of moss approx. 40mm - 50mm high
  • Following colours available:
  • Moss green
  • Apple green

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Evergreen Acoustic Wall Panels

Moss is an unusual yet highly effective choice for modern professionals who suffer from harsh soundscapes. This noise-cancelling organic material sets the tone for a calm, controlled environment.

  • Features preserved moss
  • Green, naturalistic, and vibrant
  • Eco-conscious sourcing process
  • Ideal for harsh sounds
  • Wall-mounted

Evergreen Acoustic Moss Panels Reduce Sound Transmission

Evergreen brings the peace and tranquillity of green gardens inside. With Evergreen acoustic wall panels, it is as if professionals have their own private piece of Eden. Acoustic moss is an unusual yet highly effective means of softening soundscapes and soothing tense and high-stakes environments. Each panel features 100% natural moss which has 90% sound-absorbent capabilities.

The Iceland reindeer moss undergoes a thorough cleaning process. Evergreen uses a formula to preserve the moss and dyes to enhance its already striking green hues. Once installed, this natural phenomenon handles itself. Evergreen soundproofing panels do not require maintenance. That’s right - no light, watering, or feeding necessary!

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Evergreen Soundproofing Panels Uses

Evergreen acoustic wall panels are at optimum performance in environments that have 40% to 60% humidity. This can be found in homes, offices, and study spaces across the UK. Customers should only be concerned about the longevity of their noise-cancelling moss garden in unusual circumstances.

This soundproofing panel is suitable for spaces that have harsh soundscapes. It will absorb sounds before they can become echoes and also infuse spaces with a calm, more level vibe. The benefits of bringing the outdoors inside cannot be understated. Professionals benefit from the mental clarity and calmness that comes with scenic greenery.

Evergreen Sound-absorbent Tiles Materials

Evergreen acoustic wall panels are unique in that they feature organic materials. The moss on the board is dead but preserved to retain its striking appearance. Moss covers the entire board, which means that every inch benefits from its excellent sound-absorbent qualities.

The flexible carrier panel is available in HDF, felt, or glass fibre and the frame is made from acoustic timber.

Evergreen Noise-dampening Panels Customisation

True to the millions of shape variations found in nature, there is no end to the number of ways in which Evergreen noise-dampening panels can be configured. The standard panel size is W380mm x H580mm, but Evergreen can cut the panels to any size. They can slot together to create a cocoon or stand-alone. Customers can also choose between Moss green and Apple green Evergreen acoustic moss tiles.

Evergreen acoustic wall panels are perfect for agile environments. They can be installed around pillars, corners, and any arched surfaces.

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