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Acoustic panels are absorption products that are utilised to control noise, eliminate slap echo and control comb filtering in a room. The objective is to enhance the properties of sound by improving sound quality. Often used in recording studios, sanctuaries, home theatres, restaurants, and listening rooms, the purpose of acoustic panels is to reduce, but not entirely eliminate, resonance within the room. Acoustic panels deal more with the mid and high frequencies in a room. Sound absorption is different than soundproofing, which is typically used to keep sound from escaping a room.

Key benefits 

  1. Constructed with rigid fiberglass and are broadband in nature – thus they tend to deal with the entire frequency range

  2. Includes 4 eyehooks in the back of the frame and accompanying picture wire

  3. Constructed from the highest-quality materials that will not sag or leak over time

  4. Made from super acoustic absorptive insulation mineral wool

Ideal in 2-channel listening rooms, recording studios, restaurants, home theatres, and sanctuaries, the 67mm thick and easily mountable 242 Acoustic Panels are an excellent choice for acoustically treating early reflection points, flutter echo, or general decay in a room. Our most versatile sound absorbing panels, the 242 acoustic panels are used to reduce noise in environments where sound clarity is important. 

We use carefully selected hardwood plywoods - not cheap imports - to construct our frames. The difference and chief advantage is dimensional stability.

Flame retardant: Screen fabrics used are flame retardant to BS 476, Part 7, Class 1 or BS5852 Class 0, 1, or BS 7176: 2007 depending on the fabric, environment, substrate and customers requirements.

This product has a 5 year guarantee against defects providing that the product has only been subjected to normal wear and tear and has not been misused or abused. For further information please refer to our terms and conditions.

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