Acoustic Wall Baffles Economy

The Economy acoustic wall baffle has a sound absorption NRC certification. Available in 15mm or 30mm thick, these mix & match modular acoustic panels are a low cost yet effective solution for reducing noise.
£55.23 ex. VAT
£66.28 inc. VAT

Economy Acoustic Wall Baffles have an excellent sound-absorption NRC certification. These mix and match modular panels are an affordable and effective way to reduce noise.

Economy Acoustic Panel Product Specifications

  • Affordable acoustic baffles
  • Made in the UK
  • 15mm or 30mm thick acoustic panels
  • 10mm or 25mm thick sound-absorbent foam
  • All thicknesses rated Class A for acoustic properties
  • Excellent NRC classification
  • Comes with installation brackets
  • Hidden installation brackets
  • Widths: 300mm, 600mm
  • Heights: 600mm, 1200mm
  • Following fabric colours available:
  • Black
  • Off-white
  • Austen
  • Red
  • Merrick
  • Glass
  • Walten
  • Tummel

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Economy Acoustic Baffles

Sound-absorbent acoustic wall tiles could be just what you need to concentrate on deadlines. Invest in noise-dampening furnishings to improve your room acoustics.

  • Install on walls or ceilings
  • Made for loud, abrasive sounds
  • Absorbs sound waves
  • Pinnable core
  • Perfect for offices

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Economy Acoustic Wall Panels Reduce Sound Transmission

Economy acoustic wall baffles are the most affordable acoustic furnishings that we stock. Furnishings in the Economy range contain five layers of materials. Fabric, foam, two fibreboards, and MDF create a robust, sound-absorbent core. Customers can opt for a 10mm or 25mm thick noise-dampening foam core to improve their room acoustics.

We recommend Economy acoustic baffles for professionals who want hassle-free, eco-conscious furnishings. Each baffle contains two fibreboards that are sourced from sustainable plantations in Finland. They come with ready-to-fit backing cradles. Once the cradles are screwed into the wall, customers can simply place the baffle on the cradle.

Customers also purchase Economy Acoustic Partition Screen.

Economy Acoustic Wall Tiles Uses

Lots of professionals are transitioning away from the first generation of free-standing acoustic furnishings and instead opting for Acoustic Wall Baffles. Baffles, which are sometimes called acoustic wall panels or even acoustic wall tiles, are installed directly onto flat surfaces. Economy baffles are an effective, affordable alternative to standing acoustic furnishings. They are ideal for environments where space is at a premium.

We recommend Economy furnishings for recording studios, offices, restaurants, libraries, and personal sanctuaries. They can be hung from ceilings and walls. There is no end to the number of configurations that customers can make. The baffles can be stacked high and cover entire walls, or placed in problem areas to minimise echoes and to control comb filtering.

We also recommend Basic Acoustic Hanging Panel for professionals who want to combat unwanted echoes.

Economy Acoustic Panels Materials

Economy acoustic panels are made from robust materials. Despite being a popular affordable alternative to big-name brands, these furnishings contain five layers of high-quality materials. Each core contains fabric, foam, two fibreboards, and MDF. We use long-lasting hardwood plywoods for the frame. The core is pinnable, which transforms this noise-dampening furnishing into a multi-functional investment.

Economy Acoustic Ceiling Panels Customisation

Professionals can make the most of affordable Economy acoustic wall panels with our bespoke customisation service. Customers can control the size, fabric upholstery, and even the foam composition of their acoustic wall tiles. The tiles are available 15mm or 30mm thick and with a 10mm or 25mm thick sound-absorbent foam core.

Each panel is upholstered in premium-quality fabrics. All the fabrics that we stock are approved for use on noise-dampening furnishings. Black, off-white, blue, and deep red are just a few of the colours that our customers can choose from.

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