Rectangle Acoustic Wall Tiles

This acoustic wall panel is a versatile, modular system that can soothe even the harshest soundscape.
£104.00 ex. VAT
£124.80 inc. VAT

Product Specifications

  • 67mm thick screen
  • Widths: 30mm, 40mm
  • Heights: 70mm, 80mm
  • Non-linking screen
  • Modular panel
  • Keyhole brackets on the back
  • Following fabrics available: Macflex, Camira
  • Fire-retardant fabric
  • Made in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. Order a free swatch card

Key Benefits of Acoustic Panels for Walls

Modular acoustic wall panelling is a modern solution to the problem of distracting soundscapes.

  • Streamlined acoustic furnishing
  • Install wherever
  • Easy installation
  • Customisable colour options

Rectangle Acoustic Wall Panels

Office spaces, schools, and reception areas all have one thing in common. Thousands of people pass through these environments every day, creating harsh soundscapes. Every single sound in any given space contributes to the soundscape so, as you can imagine, collaborative environments soon start to feel tense. Rectangle acoustic wall panels are a quick, simple solution to this problem. This modular, noise-reducing system sits flush against your wall and immediately starts to absorb sound waves. Ambient noise is reduced, which has a proportional, positive impact on productivity. This panel is available in two sizes. You can use a combination of 70mm and 80mm tall rectangular tiles to create interesting arrangements. If you want full-scale acoustic coverage, simply align the tiles side by side. Searching for more acoustic wall baffles? Circle Acoustic Wall Panel and Diamond Acoustic Wall Panel have proven sound-absorbing qualities.

Rectangle Acoustic Wall Panelling Uses

More and more modern workplaces are investing in acoustic panels for walls. Walls are one of the most harsh, angular elements in any given space. When sound waves hit walls, the energy is reflected back into the room. Your employees hear the abrasive noise when it happens, and then they hear it ping-pong around the room. So, what sort of acoustic panel should you choose? Rectangle acoustic wall panels are specifically designed to combat sound waves that hit walls. Each panel is fitted with keyhole brackets that you can easily install on any flat surface. You can place individual panels in problem spots, or you can install them across the entirety of your wall. Either way, this modular panel is more multi-functional than a traditional acoustic panel that covers a wider surface area but has far less versatility. We recommend Rectangle acoustic wall panelling for people who want to protect productivity and mental health in their workspaces. Just a few well-placed panels can make a massive difference to your soundscape.

Rectangle Acoustic Wall Panel Materials

There is much more to these sound-absorbing panels than meets the eye. They are filled with acoustically sound materials, but they are also upholstered in fire-retardant fabric. You can choose from Macflex or Camira Era fabrics, both of which are certified fire-retardant. In total, there are 28 colours to choose from. There is everything from cool sea blue to funky purples.

Rectangle Sound-Absorbent Panel Customisation

Traditional acoustic wall panelling can be dull. This Rectangle panel breaks the mould because it is available in two sizes and 28 colours. You can customise each panel with a different colour and alternate between sizes to make your space more unique or opt for a more uniform, cohesive approach to make them blend into the background.

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