Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles

Hexagonal acoustic wall panelling made from sound absorbing materials, will soften even the harshest soundscape.
£94.75 ex. VAT
£113.70 inc. VAT

Product Specifications

  • 64mm thick screen
  • Widths: 500mm, 700mm
  • Heights: 433mm, 606mm
  • Non-linking screen
  • Modular style
  • Brackets included
  • Following fabrics available: Cara, Macflex, Era, and Blazer
  • Fire-retardant fabric
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. Order a free swatch card

Key Benefits of Hexagon Acoustic Panels for Walls

Acoustic wall baffle panels are an effective, space-saving way to combat harsh soundscapes. Here are a few of the other benefits.

  • Absorbs sound waves
  • Colour and configuration are customisable
  • Easy to install
  • Eye-catching design

Hexagon Acoustic Wall Panelling Reduce Sound Transmission

Hexagon acoustic wall panels are a bold departure from conventional sound-absorbing panels. The unique yet recognisable style is eye-catching enough to be a focal point. It is not unusual to see these panels in corporate reception areas, modern offices, and spaces with high footfall. If you want to stop sound waves before they create harsh soundscapes, you need acoustic panels for walls. Bare walls can create acoustic issues, especially in large rooms with high ceilings. Sound waves bounce off hard, flat surfaces, and travel back into the room. This is why it is important to invest in acoustic furnishings that fit flush against walls. Each individual panel features an acoustic core. The 18mm thick insulating core can absorb around 85% of the sound in any given space, drastically reducing the harshness of typical office soundscapes. Employees can click-clack on their keyboards, slam doors, and chat by the water cooler without compromising their new smooth soundscape. 

Hexagon Noise-Reducing Panel Uses

Acoustic wall panelling is popular in corporate, communal spaces. This hexagonal design is a brilliant solution for office managers who want to reduce ambient sounds without sacrificing valuable floor space. It fits flush against hard surfaces. Each panel has four keyhole brackets pre-installed on the back. On top of that, each unit is extremely lightweight. Anyone can easily install these panels in their office, reception, or school. Of course, this sound-absorbing panel also has a distinct design element. The hexagonal shape reflects the symmetry of nature and evokes naturalistic imagery. It bridges the gap between the outside and inside, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Hexagonal Sound-Absorbing Panel Materials

This Hexagonal acoustic wall panel has an 18mm thick acoustic core. The tried and tested core is proven to absorb approximately 85% of all the sound waves in any space. It is also upholstered in fire-retardent fabric.

Hexagon Acoustic Wall Panel Customisation

Acoustic panels for walls do not have to be boring. We can upholster this hexagonal panel in Cara, Macflex, Era, and Blazer fabrics. All these fabrics are available in a wide spectrum of colours, with everything from cool sea blue to deep red. You can choose more reserved tones and hues for meeting rooms and invest in bright, bold colours to inject life into shared spaces.

Buy Hexagonal Sound-Absorbing Panels Today

This Hexagon acoustic wall panelling could be in your office within a few weeks. Our interior designers can find the right colours and fabrics for your space. If you want to speak to our design team, just request a one-on-one call via our online form.