Circle Acoustic Wall Tiles

A modular acoustic wall panel with a simple yet functional design that is perfect for schools, offices, and reception areas.

Product Specifications

  • 67mm thick screen
  • Widths: 40mm, 60mm
  • Heights: 40mm, 60mm
  • Non-linking panel
  • Fitted with keyhole brackets
  • Following fabrics available: Macflex, Camira
  • 26 colours available
  • Fire retardant fabric
  • Made in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. Order a free swatch card

Key Benefits of Acoustic Panels for Walls

When space is at a premium, Circle acoustic wall panels save the day. This versatile panel boasts a number of benefits, including:

  • Space-saving design
  • Multiple configurations
  • Easy installation
  • Colour match to your space

Circle Acoustic Wall Panelling Reduces Sound Transmission

Shared environments like call centres, open-plan offices, and reception areas are bombarded by abrasive sounds from every angle. But what is the solution? Circle acoustic wall panelling was designed to combat unwanted sounds in collaborative, community spaces. Each panel is 67mm thick and filled with sound-absorbing materials. Once installed, the panel acts as a barrier against sound waves. Instead of hitting the wall, sound waves are instantly absorbed. This panel drastically reduces abrasive sounds, so your employees, guests, and students can focus on their day-to-day tasks. The Circle range is available in 40mm or 60mm thick panels. The soft, rounded corners create a welcoming dynamic. You can use the size difference to create eye-catching configurations. This simple yet effective range prioritises acoustic performance, but the aesthetic element is still striking. Looking for more acoustic wall baffles? Hexagonal Acoustic Wall Panel and Rectangle Acoustic Wall Panel are excellent options for people who want to explore more versatile, modular systems.

Circle Acoustic Wall Panel Uses

It is no secret that shared spaces have harsh soundscapes. Keyboards, footsteps, and chatter are just a few of the sounds that clash over the course of an average day. They travel across offices, bounce off walls, and become even bigger distractions. Walls are one of the biggest obstacles in the way of a smooth soundscape. Pictures, bulletin boards, and flush furnishings muffle harsh sounds, but only slightly. To really get to the root of the issue, you need noise-reducing acoustic furnishings. There are lots of types of acoustic furniture to choose from. If you are struggling to regulate sounds in an open-plan room, you need to invest in acoustic panels for walls. Circle acoustic wall panels lie flush against walls, so they are perfectly positioned to absorb sound waves before they reflect back into your space. The modular nature of Circle panels means that you can create unique patterns that target specific areas. Install the panels high up to combat echoes, or place them at sitting height to absorb sound waves from chatter. Circle acoustic wall panelling is installed in schools, offices, break rooms, and reception areas across the UK. They effectively absorb sound waves, reduce soundscapes, and improve productivity.

Circle Noise-Reducing Panel Materials

Circle sound-absorbing panels offer the best of both worlds. The interior is filled with noise-dampening fibres and millions of air bubbles which capture sound vibrations before they become distracting noises. On top of that, the exterior is upholstered in fire-retardant fabric. You can choose from either Macflex or Camira Era fabrics.

Circle Acoustic Wall Panelling Customisation

Customisation is a great way to add personality to your space. And, if you already have an existing colour scheme, customisation allows you to create effective, eye-catching items that will blend into your existing environment. Circle acoustic wall panels are available in either Macflex or Camira Era fabric. There are eight Macflex colours and 18 Camira Era colours that cover the full spectrum of hues and tones, so there is something for every space.

Buy Acoustic Panels for Walls Today

Creating customised acoustic panels for walls can be difficult. You have to think about contextual factors, the amount of sound reduction you want to achieve, and spatial elements. Our design team are on hand to answer the difficult questions and give your space the soundscape it deserves. Fill in our online form to request a consultation.