Hush 50 Acoustic Desk Office Screen

Rounded corners, high-quality upholstery, and acoustic materials combine to create Hush 50 acoustic desk screens. Perfect for offices.
£107.25 ex. VAT
£128.70 inc. VAT

Product Specifications

  • 50mm thick screen
  • Clamps included
  • Available with drill-through fixings
  • 24mm of acoustic fire-retardant foam
  • Following fabric available: 
  • Camira Blazer
  • Manufactured in the UK

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits

With Hush 50 fabric desk screens, it has never been easier to concentrate on important deadlines. Here are some of the other reasons why our customers love the Hush range. Reduces background noise Creates privacy for individuals Inviting round corners Easy installation Discover more Acoustic Desk Screens on our website.

Hush 50 Fabric Desk Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

So, what makes this 50mm thick acoustic desk divider so innovative? Do not let the minimalist exterior fool you: this Hush 50 divider contains all the trappings of an excellent acoustic furnishing. The sturdy core is accompanied by one 12mm thick layer of sound-absorbent foam on either side. These layers are engineered to absorb sound waves in a matter of seconds. Waves move throughout the divider and dissipate before they reach the other side. As a result, soundscapes are far quieter and smoother. It is also important for office workers, students, and members of the community to feel as though they have privacy, even in public spaces. Nowadays, collaborative spaces tend to be open-plan. This improves communication, but it does not leave much space for private thought and introspection. Hush 50 acoustic desk screens are the perfect solution to this modern problem. They shield workers from the eyes down, meaning they can relax and focus on their work without worrying about watchful eyes. Hush 70 Acoustic Desk Screen is another excellent option for private professionals.

Hush 50 Acoustic Desk Divider Uses

We recommend fabric desk screens for people who want to maintain an inviting, welcoming space. Hush 50 features rounded corners, which help to blur the line between public and private. Instead of blunt straight lines, professionals and students can enjoy a view that is welcoming and rounded. With Hush 50 dividers installed, your workers can accomplish any number of tasks. They effectively reduce harsh background noises and absorb unwanted sounds that are coming from colleagues across the desk. Deadlines, meetings, and even private introspection improve tenfold when Edge acoustic desk dividers are installed. Why not try Muffle Acoustic Wall Panel? This acoustic furnishing is installed directly onto flat surfaces.

Hush 50 Panel Materials

Hush furnishings are designed to reassure busy professionals who do not have time to chase manufacturers. All the materials in Hush acoustic desk screens are made with your safety in mind. Each 50mm thick divider is comprised of a sturdy core that is bracketed by one 12mm layer of fire-retardant acoustic foam on either side. We upholster Hush 50 in Camira Blazer fabric.

Hush 50 Acoustic Desk Screen Customisation

This fabric desk screen would be incomplete without the wide array of colour options on offer. Interior designers, professionals, and managers can choose from daring hues and reserved tones that complement every colour palette.

Buy Hush 50 Fabric Desk Screens Today

When you buy bespoke acoustic desk dividers from us, interiors do not have to be boring. Our personalised furnishings are designed to energise your workforce and empower individuals. Contact our team today to take a step in the right direction.


Hush Desk Partition Installation Manual