Abstracta Bits Acoustic Wall Panel XL

Abstracta Bits acoustic wall panels XL modular panels allow you to create combinations in whichever sizes, colours and patterns you wish. The Bits acoustic wall panel diffuses sound waves and prevents echoes.

Abstracta Bits XL acoustic wall panels are modular. Customers can create designs in whichever sizes, colours, and patterns they prefer. Bits is one of the most popular modular dividers in our range of Decorative Acoustic Panels.

Abstracta Bits XL Product Specifications

  • From the Abstracta Scala wall range
  • Hidden installation fittings
  • Two sizes available
  • XL module is W748mm x H649mm
  • Following fabrics available:
  • Blazer (price list B)
  • Fenice (price list C)
  • Synergy (price list D)
  • Divina Melange (price list E)

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Bits Acoustic Wall Baffles

Bits acoustic wall baffles diffuse sound waves and prevent echoes. These modular, versatile Acoustic Wall Panels are perfect for libraries, home offices, and corporate offices that have high ceilings.

  • Designed for installation on walls
  • Acoustic barrier for harsh soundscapes
  • Improves concentration
  • Made with noise-dampening materials
  • Build the panels to meet your specifications
  • Upholster in a range of fabrics
  • Visually stunning yet effective panels

Bits Decorative Acoustic Panels Reduce Sound Transmission

Abstracta Bits is Anya Sebton’s award-winning soundproofing concept. Far from fading into the background, Bits is designed to create visual energy. The modules are available in two sizes and can be installed horizontally or vertically. This XL panel is W748mm x H649mm. They are mounted on hidden rails, which means that the installation equipment does not detract from the striking design.

These modular panels come in a triangular shape and feature obtrusive lines that force sound waves to dissipate. Bits decorative acoustic panels have Class A noise-dampening qualities. The unique shape and sound-absorbent moulded polyester fabric core creates softer, less distracting soundscapes.

Abstracta Scala XL Acoustic Wall Panels are better suited to people who want hanging panels.

Bits Sound-Absorbent Panels Uses

Bits Abstracta Scala wall panels are designed for installation on walls. Customers have complete control over the aesthetic outcome of their panels. They can be installed from floor to ceiling, or arranged in small clusters in problem areas. Customers can even place the modules horizontally or vertically.

We recommend acoustic wall baffles for people who work in distracting environments. Soundproofing panels can make a world of difference in large, open-plan spaces or even small offices. We recommend Bits for professionals who value striking, sound-absorbent designs.

Abstracta Scala Wall Panels Materials

The triangular modular shape of each Bits module is rich in symbolism and noise cancelling possibilities. The core is made from compressed, modulated felt and upholstered in a range of fabrics. All the materials used in the construction of Bits panels are approved for acoustic use.

The hidden installation system is made from metal.

Bits Soundproofing Panel Customisation

Our customers can customise Bits acoustic wall panels. There is an upholstery fabric to suit every taste and space. Blazer, Fenice, Synergy, and Divina Melange are just a few of the fabrics that we upholster Scala Abstracta Bits panels in. The fabrics are upholstered taut over the triangular shape to create effective noise-dampening panels.

If you are searching for bold, decorative acoustic panels, look no further. Bits panels can be upholstered in deep reds and eye-catching blues. We also cater to customers who want unobtrusive furnishings that blend into sleek, elegant environments.

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Bits acoustic wall panels could be just what you need to improve your soundscape. Our design technicians will create decorative acoustic panels that blend into your professional environment. Contact our team today to create harmonious soundscapes.