Zen Office Phone Booths

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Zen Office Phone Booths are perfect for important phone calls and deadlines. This privacy booth dampens sounds by 31 dB.

Key Benefits of Zen Acoustic Phone Booths

Invest in Zen acoustic phone booths for unparalleled privacy in open-plan offices. Offices spaces, libraries, study halls, and reception areas all over the UK have Zen booths. It is one of the most popular Office Phone Booths that we stock for individual spaces.

  • Perfect for offices
  • Promotes privacy in public spaces
  • Slots into any environment
  • Dampens unwanted sounds
  • Essential and Advanced versions available

Zen Privacy Booths Reduce Sound Transmission

Zen privacy booths are the smallest version of the pod available. As the name suggests, this booth is perfect for one individual who wants a moment of privacy in a public space. These slimline phone booths can slot into any space with ease. Reception areas, open-plan offices, and study spaces all over the UK benefit from Zen booths.

Our Acoustic Pods create focused environments for busy professionals.

Designer Staffan Holm designed Zen office phone booths with Japanese design principles in mind. Wood accents create a welcoming individual workspace, whilst the upholstered walls form a barrier against unwanted sounds. Sound waves are absorbed on the surface of the booth. This booth has excellent acoustic qualities, which promotes softer soundscapes.

Zen Phone Booths Uses

There are hundreds of ways to use acoustic phone booths. Zen booths are available in Essential and Advanced versions, and scale all the way from small to medium and large. This small booth is perfect for one person. Once inside, the inhabitant is protected from harsh soundscapes on the outside.

We recommend Zen office phone booths for loud, busy environments. They are suitable for open-plan offices, reception areas, study spaces, and any other space that would benefit from separate areas. Inhabitants can hold a meeting, study, or take an emergency call inside the booth.

Customers who like Zen booths love Zen XL Acoustic Pods and Zen Acoustic Office Pods.

Zen Office Phone Booths Materials

Sturdy, long-lasting materials form the basis for Zen privacy booths. Wood, wool, glass, aluminium, and steel are central parts of these phone booths. Two walls are upholstered in sound-absorbent fabrics, and two walls are comprised of glass. The fabric walls are upholstered in Focus Melange fabric.

Zen Acoustic Phone Booths Customisation

The Zen range is very versatile. Customers can choose between Essential and Advanced versions, as well as small, medium, and large options. Essential office phone booths are available in black, and Advanced acoustic phone booths are available in beige.

Essential & Advanced Small:
W1200mm x H1200mm x D2310mm

Essential & Advanced Medium:
W1200mm x H2320mm x D2310mm

Essential & Advanced Large:
W2320mm x H2320mm x D2310mm

We only stock Focus Melange fabrics for Zen booths. Our customers can choose from six colours that range from grey to green. Zen booths can seamlessly slot into any professional environment. The Focus Melange upholstery and Japanese accents make it perfect for elegant interior designs.

Product Specifications

  • Ventilation feature
  • Seat and desk sold separately
  • Power sockets included - 230W
  • Buy additional furniture packs
  • Noise-dampening qualities
  • Three Zen booth sizes
  • In-built lighting with controls
  • W1200mm x H1200mm x D2310mm
  • Focus Melange upholstery

Buy Zen Privacy Booths Today

Customise Zen phone booths with our experienced design technicians today. Fill in our online form and explain your project specifications. They will walk you through the customisation process and create a booth that is tailored to your needs.