How to choose your home office furniture

20th Jul 2021

How to choose your home office furniture

Functional, space efficient, and ergonomic: these are the top criteria to which one should not make any compromise when selecting their office furniture. However, when setting a command base at home, the list can be revised so that the feeling of comfort can be upgraded to a sense of individuality and ownership.


Even though the prospect of having a home office was only considered when adjusting to remote work during the pandemic, desks remain a solid investment which can accommodate the extra hours we can dedicate every day to our own personal projects. Desks are straightforwardly advertised as workstations for one good reason: like a control board to a command base, they translate in convenience, storage opportunities, and even design both your work’s technicalities, but also your method, rhythm, and schedule. Desks should be as comfortable when working on your computer, as they are for reading, researching, and brainstorming. Consequently, comfort can be physically calculated according to how much space you need in your work area, if demandes a clear mind when being forced to keep books and folders at your nearest reach on your desktop area. Desks should not accommodate a computer and perhaps tidy piles of documents, but above all your movements, your methods, and the extent to which your vision remains clear within clutter. On such grounds, the executive desk that supports your performance through the height of comfort and functionality can be easily integrated in your home office as well. Furthermore, if your work requires you to change your position throughout the day, height adjusted desks can ensure flexibility, as well as the opportunity to improve your posture. As they can accommodate two colleagues, space saving desks represent the optimal choice for start ups set up in one’s study room and even garage. Nevertheless, the generous selection of available colours, styles, and finishes can ensure that your desk extends the personality of your home as the central piece of your office.


Beyond design, colour, and the available space, choosing the perfect chair requires reflecting over both your working hours, as well as the postures you tend to adopt when focusing.

Ergonomic chairs

If prolonged work sessions cause discomfort in the lumbar area, ergonomic chairs should be prioritised when surveying options. Ergonomic chairs are not only recommended for spine issues or back pains, but also for lengthy work sessions, as they help you maintain your optimal posture.

Computer chairs and operator chairs

Without disregarding lumbar comfort, computer chairs and operator chairs provide both space efficiency, as well as increased mobility which favours those challenged by multitasking.

Executive chairs

Beyond a luxurious feel and appearance, executive chairs elevate the experience of comfort by their padding composition, lumbar support and high back.

All models of chairs -whether ergonomic, computer or executive - are also complemented by multi-adjustment mechanisms which can either be stabilised to your comfort at the beginning of a work session or adapt organically to all your changes in posture.

Office Lights

With direct impact on focus, and performance, the optimal lighting system is vital for your long term health, well-being and energy level. From mood lighting to LED systems , an exhaustive range of solutions can help you prevent tired eyes and headaches, while maintaining your productivity.

Storage and filing

As you can rely on everything being at reach, tidy desks inspire focus, attainability, and time efficiency. Home office furniture can be complemented by countless options for storage, whether cabinets, drawer space or multi-functional sideboards. Regardless if you opt for no interventions upon your desk’s design or choose to introduce additional storage units, don’t forget about cable management for both safety reasons, as well as a clutter-free working area. Nevertheless, to fully translate at home your work environment you’ve gotten accustomed to in your job, why not complement your new office with pin boards or white boards?