Partitioning sterile areas with anti-bacterial vinyl floor standing screens

13th Jul 2021

Partitioning sterile areas with anti-bacterial vinyl floor standing screens

As we navigate the slow but hopefully steady return to a more socially active lifestyle, we need to adhere to the government’s guidelines and make sure that our offices, restaurants, shops and particularly schools, clinics, surgeries and salons conform to the latest official safety standards. In light of these regulations, commercial demand for anti-bacterial floor screens, desk sneeze screens and protective acrylic screens has risen exponentially and this continues to be a main focus area for many businesses managing their return strategy.

While essential businesses have been open throughout lockdown, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic started, these businesses and institutions such as schools, clinics or essential shops had to quickly adapt to the social distancing rules and therefore put in place safety measures, one-way systems and particularly protective screens and signage for ensuring the safety of essential workers and customers. Depending on the type of your business and the interaction with customers you can choose from a range of easy clean protective screens or a combination to suit the entire space.

Protective vinyl floor standing partition screens

If your business is the hospitality sector, such as a restaurant or hotel or even a gym or if you are simply looking for the best way to partition an office or breakout area with protective screens that can be easily disinfected and wiped clean, vinyl floor standing divider screens are your best solution. These are aesthetic, they add a touch of style and personality to the space, enhance privacy and even prevent sound from traveling throughout the room. Most importantly, these act as a barrier against the spread of viruses and bacteria, ensuring that social distancing is practiced between desks, tables or seating areas.

One of our bestselling vinyl floor screens is the Protect Vinyl Office Partition Screen, available in 3 heights, from 1400mm to 1800mm with a choice of 3 widths, from 800mm to 1200mm, a range of 15 vinyl colour options and white or grey frame finish. A great budget solution for creating semi-private and protected workspaces, lounge areas or treatment rooms, the Protect screens will give your employees and customers the confidence of being in a clean and hygienic environment and increase trust in your company.

Manufactured in the UK, the vinyl Vita fabric has been specifically engineered for use in the healthcare sector and other industries where cleanliness, hygiene and durability and resistance to disinfectant products are key. Easily cleaned and resistant to bleach, the 30mm thick floor standing partition screens are waterproof and anti-microbial and can be linked together for a longer or surround partition, being provided with various linking options.

Sail Blue Protect Vinyl Office Partition Screens, in a cafeteria, separating white tables

Protect Vinyl Office Partition Screen, Sail Blue

Moreover, if you would like to take it a step further and enhance the protection of your space, you can opt for matching Protect vinyl desk screens.

Full vision easy clean vinyl protective partition screens

If you are looking for a way of partitioning your space and protecting your employees and customers against the spread of bacteria and viruses, however you do not want to compromise visibility and hinder communication, Full vision protective divider screens are ideal. They do the job of inspiring trust and confidence of being protected, while allowing the maintenance of a feeling of normality, full vision and visual communication.

A popular choice and one that perfectly complements the Protect vinyl floor screens is the Easy Clean Vinyl Partition Screen Full Vision, available in 5 heights up to 1800mm and 3 finishes of the acrylic panel: grey, clear or bronze.

Cream Easy clean vinyl office partition screen full vision, in a cafeteria, separating white tables

Easy clean vinyl office partition screen full vision

Allowing maximum light through while separating a more formal space from a social breakout area in an open plan office or creating different waiting areas in public buildings while allowing staff and security to still have full visibility, the Full vision easy clean partition screens use a vinyl that has been designed by industry leading manufacturers specifically for use in sterile areas. With anti-stain finish and bleach-resistant, the vinyl provides antibacterial, antifungal and antimycotic protection.

Linking or freestanding, the full vision protective screens are available in a range of vinyl colours and can also be used in conjunction with any other screens for our range of easy clean screens, such as half vision screens or top vision protective screens.

Stay at the forefront of innovation by equipping your office, commercial space, healthcare facility or hospitality unit with the best products that will allow your business to continue and thrive while ensuring the safety and protection of your employees and customers. If you need help with choosing the best protective screens for your space or would like advice on how to best partition your office or commercial space, do not hesitate to get in touch with us! Our team of experts will gladly accompany you on this journey and provide you with guidance and advice.