Enhance your office space and culture with the fast delivery half vision office screens

13th Jul 2021

Enhance your office space and culture with the fast delivery half vision office screens

Have you been looking for ways to partition your office space in order to create small enclosures but worry that your company culture might be affected by the lack of interaction? Worry not! Panelscreens has the answer for you: The office half vision divider screens with fast delivery are the ideal solution for easily creating mini-offices and flexible enclosures in your workspace while allowing your employees to still make eye contact and thus keeping the company culture alive.

The freestanding glazed half vision office screens can be combined with fully upholstered office partition screens in order to create pop-up offices within the wider workspace. These modular panels offer offices flexibility and can be adapted, re-imagined, relocated and expanded as needed. Whether these installations are used as pod office dividers, meeting room booths or breakout areas, the acrylic shatter-proof vision screens are designed to provide privacy and protection, while allowing a clear view of the office and other colleagues in order to foster interaction and the feeling of team integration.

Benefits & specifications of the half vision partition office screens

With fast delivery available, a wide range of products and long-standing expertise of providing office screening solutions for our clients across the UK, Panelscreens is your trusted partner in upgrading your workspace to suit the fast-changing needs of your office and employees.

The perspex half vision office screens are available with freestanding feet, adjustable levelling feet or fix-to-floor feet which makes them a perfect and solution for creating new spaces such as privacy-enhancing work cubicles or quiet enclosures for meetings and conference calls.

For a flexible solution, Panelscreens offers fast delivery vision screens such as Budget half vision office screens with free standing feet, an option that will allow you to get creative, re-imagine your office partitioning and adjust on the go.

Impulse Plus Clear Half Vision Screen, 1200/1600 Beige with Free Standing Feet

Upholstered on both sides in our house fabric material, the fast delivery half vision office partition screens have a special light weight design and offer a choice of the below features:

  • 2 Heights available: 1200mm, 1600mm
  • 4 Widths available: 1200mm, 1500mm, 1650mm, 1800mm
  • 3 types of feet: freestanding, adjustable levelling feet, fix-to-floor feet
  • Acrylic shatter-proof clear vision panels
  • A choice of 9 fabric colours: beige, black, burgundy, lead, light grey, palm green, powder blue, royal blue and sky blue
  • Light grey edges

The office screens with wipeable see-through window incorporated offer a hygienic solution for shielding workspaces and covering certain areas without having to compromise on communication and visibility. Your staff can be protected, enjoy privacy and quiet for productive working and enhanced focus while keeping connected to the rest of the office and keeping the office culture alive. Moreover, these are easily cleaned and help protect against particles circulated with the air conditioning in case someone sneezes or coughs, which can cause distress in the workplace and expose employees to spreading viruses and seasonal flu.

Should you have any questions or inquiries, our team of experts will be happy to help you with the best advice and accompany you in your journey of re-imagining your office set-up through the lens of the versatile half vision office screens and office partition floor screens.

Equipping your office with the right accessories for safety and success should be easy, creative and fun and fast delivery is key in order to keep momentum and act on ideas. Let Panelscreens guide you and explore our range of Fast Delivery Half Vision Office Screens!