How cork-based interior decor can reshape your room’s acoustic comfort

13th Oct 2021

How cork-based interior decor can reshape your room’s acoustic comfort

Highly popular for the cozy ambiance they manage to shape in any room, cork elements are now recognised as a surprisingly affordable sound isolation solution with exceptional acoustic performance capacities. Corkbee’s play-and-mix interior decor collection adapts the input of sound absorbing panels into your room’s new style statement.

What is acoustic comfort?

Studies conducted by the WHO point out that 40dB is the best acoustic level as background noise for human comfort when engaged in activities that require focus. However, such a reference point is the exact same acoustic level in which human conversations become intelligible, deviating focus and cognitive effort from one’s task to actually follow a coherent content.

How does cork influence an interior’s soundscape?

With an acoustic absorption capacity that could go up to more than 70dB, cork has even been integrated in the insulation coating alternatives agreed by the construction industry. Furthermore, ceilings, floors and walls each have their own insulation requirements to which cork can respond outstandingly. Used as end consumer-dedicated wall or ceiling coverings, cork has even confirmed its effectiveness as bumper for noise otherwise perceivable from adjoining rooms. A cork-made space partitioning panel, for example, can absorb up to 40% of the noise produced by human voice. When contemplating the use of cork within the construction industry, we don’t even have to venture towards special, reconfigured structures, since as little as 3ml can improve a room’s soundscape by reducing as much as 10dB. That’s 10 times the thickness proposed by Corkbee for its sound absorbing collection. You can easily rely on interior decor or notification boards in your office to do such a job! Cork’s remarkable acoustic properties derive from its composition which acts as a bumper for any impacts on the surface. Regardless of how heavy or noisy an element could be, falling on a cork surface will easily go unnoticed. Plunging deeper in its structure, its dense, honeycomb-like composition can help not only absorb sounds, but also reduce reverberation.

A performant design

The science behind acoustic absorption signals angular shapes as the most efficient to prevent echoes, as noise is gradually neutralised along an inclined surface. The interior architecture of concert halls and events venues provides the best imagery for the influence of such geometry on the quality of sound. Corkbee has adapted leaned shapes into its 3D acoustic interior in which panels are further attached as petals to a floral design. Though the panels are sold in packs of 6, with 210 x 242 x 30mm per element, your creativity can go far beyond any pre-established patterns. As for any worries on how you’re going to install your new decor. At just 150 per standard panel and 180g per pigmented vers.

A sustainable solution

In designing its new interior collection, Corkbee has turned towards sustainability, sourcing its raw materials from residual waste purchased from a wine corks factories. Obtained from trees with absolutely no damage to their structure, cork itself represents one of the most environmental friendly solution for home design. The raw material is then processed throw a low footprint compression moulding technology which produces a granulated texture calculated to enhance cork’s structural acoustic qualities. Therefore, your new interior design will contribute to the circular integration of resources we aspire to accomplish through every purchase.

In line to your room’s personality

Corkbee has curated a palette of 11 shades that gather both sophisticated neutrals, warm sandy hues that recreate holiday wanderlust, but also a vivid selection of blues for calming, yet stimulating contrasts. Pigmented within the procession phase, the cork wall panels are privileged by deep, long-lasting, and uniform colours that provide an inspiring setting.