Adapting to the fast-paced, socially distanced world: Fast delivery budget partition screens

19th Jan 2021

Adapting to the fast-paced, socially distanced world: Fast delivery budget partition screens

As times goes by, bringing changes from one day to another and making our nostalgia of the bygone era of the pre-COVID times feel rather faint as we gradually get used to social distancing rules and sanitary precautions in any indoor space, two trends have emerged and topped the priority list of our day-to-day lives. There is no denying that we live in an accelerating fast-paced world, which tends to function on the principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’. Or in this case, the fastest. In order to thrive and even to make it through these testing times, adaptation is key and timeliness is essential. The second trend and part of our reality, whether we like it or not, is the social distance that has emerged between us, across the world, in every room and every space that people are likely to share. And the truth is, it is incredibly likely that both these aspects are here to stay for long term, if not to accelerate.

Therefore, how can we adapt to this increasingly fast-paced, socially distanced world? How can we adapt our offices, schools, libraries, commercial spaces and restaurants so they can be fit to survive and thrive? The answer is surely quite complex, but one theme is recurrent. It consists of the two key elements: speed and space. And when it takes shape, it is actually a much simpler solution than you might think: Fast delivery budget partition screens. A quick and easy fix that provides flexibility, adaptability and a speedy response to the social distancing rules that unless entirely complied with, might keep a business on the sidelines.

Fast delivery Budget partition screen, Panelscreens, £83

Fast delivery Budget partition screen, Panelscreens, £83

Partition screens can easily create additional space, privacy and divide a wider area in multiple personal spaces, providing protection by creating a shield against the dispersing of bacteria and viruses and complying with social distancing rules. In some cases, they can even absorb a part of the general background noise by preventing the soundwaves from reflecting and thus reducing echo and sound pollution. For larger spaces such as schools, libraries, open-floor offices and restaurants where plenty of divider walls are necessary in order to ensure proper protection through screens, our Budget Partition Screens with 48 hour fast delivery are ideal, allowing you to turn around a complete office makeover in just a couple of days, without requiring a significant investment.

At Panelscreens, our collection of office partition screens offers a wide array of options to fit your budget, environment and decor. The Express Delivery floor-standing divider screens are 30mm thick, covered on both sides in our house fabric material which comes in a range of 3 colours that are on stock for fast delivery: Charcoal Black, Light Grey or Royal Blue and are available in 4 height seizes, from 1200mm to 1800mm, with a choice of 6 widths - ranging from 800mm to 1600mm.

Express delivery Budget office partition screen booth

Express delivery Budget office partition screen booth, Charcoal Black, £83

These divider screens are available as freestanding, which makes them a great way to create new spaces such as quiet work cubicles or informal idea generation meeting booths in an office, creating a perfect breakout area while maximizing the use of space and even ca act as an ideal partition wall for the home offices that require partitioning in order to boost productivity.

Furthermore, the fast delivery budget partition screens can perfectly create private and quiet spaces for study in a school or library, as well as divide desks in order to comply with social distancing rules.

The full range of Budget Office Screens includes also wave top, angle top and curved office screens, as well as full vision, half vision and top vision panels.

With great value, speedy delivery and easily assembled, the budget partition screens are ideal for any environment that needs to accommodate a significant number of people in a space that needs to be socially distanced. With fast turnaround and budget pricing, the partition walls can also be used in COVID-19 testing facilities or vaccination centres as divider screens, as they are lightweight and can easily be moved around in order to cater to the number of people present. For fastest delivery and making sure that the colours you want are on stock, it is recommended to call our office before ordering, as stocks may vary and our team of experts will be happy to assist you in finding the best solution.

While fast delivery budget partition screens are an easily accessible and efficient solution for keeping our offices, schools, libraries, stores and restaurants safe and operating according to the social distancing rules, the key is in the mindset. We need to be able to think agile, adapt to the rhythm of the changes and always try to be on the front foot in order to thrive in a challenging environment.