Domo Screens by Abstracta: Redefining open office ergonomics with flexible space partitions and acoustic absorption properties

8th Mar 2021

Domo Screens by Abstracta: Redefining open office ergonomics with flexible space partitions and acoustic absorption properties

Ideas and opportunities may both speak loud, but they find a better echo in privacy than in the every day office buzz. The Domo screen collection developed by Abstracta reconfigure the soundscape shaping our office environment, while opening unlimited matrices of space partitioning.

An artist’s touch on space functionality

Pioneering acoustic office solutions since 1972, Swedish furniture manufacturers Abstracta teamed up with acclaimed designer Stefan Borselius to create the Domo screen collection which transforms the need for work privacy into a catalyst for creativity. One of the most appreciated names in the new generation of artists safeguarding the clean Scandinavian aesthetics, Stefan Borselius channeled his mastery of cabinetmaking towards an alchemical transformation of open space into a resource for functionality. Launching modular connections, the Domo collection enhances space division and storage office solutions with optimal sound absorption.

Become the architect of your own work environment

Reaffirming detail as his aesthetic ethos, Stefan Borselius’ artistry for Abstracta complemented the sound isolating formula with a reclined frame to visually intensify contrasts and reliefs when graced by lights and shadows. While maintaining the angular edges, the panels come in a straight rectangular frame for more striking, dramatic graphics or in elegant rounded corners, for a more airy contour. Under Stefan Borselius’ vision, elegance elevates functionality, as the refined angles fading into the bevelled edges host an invisible magnet connection to creatively attach screens without corner brackets. Securing the same fitting regardless of size, the ingenious magnetic fastening invites to a boundless exploration of cubicle space geometry through portrait or landscape panels. Experiments with shapes can even be advances into perspective as basreliefs when panels are attached to one another alike domino pieces. Beyond creative compositions for individual workstations, screen can even be attached to recreate an entire wall, whether monochromatic or as a colourful patchwork of complementary or sharp contrasts between the generous palette of 17 standard hues. When panels are juxtaposed as a wider, more generous screen, the bevelled edges distinguish the creative assembly with a prism effect of lights and shadows. The option to customise Domo screens in distinctive colours on each side can amplify your new kaleidoscopic work environment to an even more dramatic or suble scintillation.

Vibe, not noise

However, the Domo screens deliver more than an smart space partitioning and an adorning touch to work environment, as they can exquisitely balance one of the most concerning challenges to a performing office life. The innovative sound absorption fitting formula developed by Abstracta ensured a crafted acoustic attenuation that switch an open space buzz to the exact rewarding energy that you find most inspiring in your team. The anatomy of a Domo screen reveals a sound-absorbing filling mounted in a timber frame underneath a rich fabric upholstery. The screens are secured through aluminium accessories such as table fittings or various configurations of legs to provide stability to floor panels.

Build your own 3D workstation

The Domo screens can accommodate various accessories such as shelves that feature openings for cables or pen holders. The magnetically secured accessories can be rearranged in various possibilities. For a inspiring contrast, the accesories come in white as the only chromatic choice and can be manufactured of steel or ABS plastic.

Shape, size and style

Welcoming any creative combo, wall, table, floor or side screens can be acquired made to order. Particularly calculated at a 40mm thickness to have their acoustic properties ensured, the Domo panels come in a various width and length combinations that range from 800 to 1600mm.

International shipping is available on fast delivery.

The Domo screens come with a 5 year warranty for a normal wear and tear. The warranty does not apply for misuse or abuse.