Enjoy the most flexible space partitioning formula with the Softline table screens

9th Mar 2021

Enjoy the most flexible space partitioning formula with the Softline table screens

An open office space is a multi-expression canvas which awaits you not only to sculpt a new working environment, but also transform it into a reflection of your own organisational culture. The mere rationale behind an open space office is to make the most of a team’s connectivity, however performance is demonstrated to emerge in environments in which team cooperation is favoured by an optimal soundscape. The acoustic Softline table screens developed by Abstracta provide not only some of the most space efficient office partitions available on the market, but also an unexpected cost-savvy solution for noise absorption. Shielding desks without creating visual or spatial disruptions, the Softline acoustic screen represents a highly-flexible solution to customise your open space office. Its design and fittings can have it attached to conventional office workstations, such as it allows you improvising desks out of tables.

Office noise? Barely there

For the Softline collection, Abstracta has used its pioneer status in acoustic solutions to engineer a noise absorbent filling set within a solid wood frame and secured through a a fabric upholstery which can recreate your brand’s visual identity. The Softline collection has been developed as an experiment to master a slim profile without having the astounding 30mm thickness compromise sound absorbing qualities.

In your company’s true colours

Abstracta has developed a palette of 4 types of fabrics highlighting a distinctive personality in texture and the especially-curated palette of colours. Proposing 6 mineral shades of grey, green, blue and teal as stock colours, the Camira Blazer fabric can accommodate up to 44 additional hues that go from Burgundy red to mustard or from peach to lavender. Inspiring the luscious visual effect of suede, the Dox fabric advances four noble shades of Taupe. The light and playful Salsa fabrics recreated 14 elegant shades by weaving yarns of bubbly contrasts. Nevertheless, the airy Gabriel+ fabric is brilliantly harmonised with its own selection of 8 pastel shades selected alongside refined hues of sangria red, ocean blue, forest green, taupe and dark grey.

Your instant office

The table screen’s height has been particularly calculated at a standard dimension of 450mm and an upgraded version of 590mm to ensure flexibility and to be easily maneuvered. Softline has developed screens that can be fixed on tables which can be partitioned along width requirements that go up to 2000m. Increased discretion requirement imposed a 650mm height for both modesty panels, as well as for desk cubicles. Adjusted to a standard width of 800mm for side screens, desk cubicles can go up to 1600mm in length. Panels can be upgraded through an acrylic glass upper sections which increases privacy by an extra 285mm.

Tool accommodation for a clutter-free desktop area

Beyond an elevated approach to discretion, the acrylic accessories range complementing the Softline collection include shelves, pigeonhole or pen holders. Flexible and discreet, the stylish accessories collection can simply be hung over the screen edge, involving no handling of tools or damages to the panel’s structure or coating. However, Abstracta has also developed a Toolbar version of the panel which can accommodate a personal choice of accessories kits. Moreover, the white toolbar is sufficiently safe and robust to integrate two computer screens.

Setting your office wherever you go

The panels can be fixed and adjusted through brackets or screw-based fittings which come in black, grey or white. Nevertheless, the panel is sufficiently stable to be placed as a free-standing screen designed to transform wider tables into two or three separate desks. Beyond tranquility, the rounded corners characterising the Softline collection have been designed to integrate panels into various modular geometries stabilised with almost concealed 40 mm connectors.