How to create more office space with the Next Day Delivery office partition floor screens

7th Jan 2021

How to create more office space with the Next Day Delivery office partition floor screens

Office space, privacy and the protection of employees’ personal space have been the highlights of the workplace world for a while now, and often they come at a premium. Among social distancing measures, alternating lockdowns and the general need for more separation of space in offices, there is a question that has been popping up in the mind of many: How to enhance the efficiency of the office space usage in order to increase productivity and safety?

The answer is simpler than you can imagine: Office partition floor screens can be a real life-saver, and one that arrives just when you need it. With Next Day Delivery available, the partition screens from Panelscreens will make your life easier, your employees safer, happier and more productive.

Benefits and use cases of the freestanding office partition screens

There are numerous benefits to equipping your office with partition walls and screens but they ultimately come down to two complementary categories: these are good for the business and good for the employees. They provide you with the ultimate solution to improve the efficiency of the office space, ensure that safety measures are met and create a balanced environment for your staff, all while saving costs and opting for the most economical way to reimagine the office.

Create space for team pods

In busy working environments, the open-floor office buzz can be a key element of the office culture and one that adds a touch of fun to the workspace. However, it hardly goes hand in hand with productivity or focus, not to mention that some employees even feel overwhelmed by working in what can feel like such a public place.

Using office partition floor screens to separate the different pods, even partly, to give them a sense of space and belonging is a simple, budget solution that goes a long way. Adding these partition walls can help your employees better focus on their work, perform tasks uninterruptedly and with deeper focus, as well as foster team bonding and the feeling of belonging, which eventually leads to enhanced motivation and talent retention.

Provide flexible & mobile office partitions for any need

More than ever, fast change and adaptation are vital. Being able to change strategy, adapt ways of working on the go, opt for back-up plans and keeping a flexible mindset are no longer just options, but rather survival skills. This, of course, includes the office set-up. What could be a great challenge for business owners and office managers due to the costs associated to suddenly needing more space or needing to reshuffle the office layout, is now a much simpler and creative process: All it takes is acquiring some office partition floor screens with Next Day Delivery and getting a little creative with the places and teams that could benefit from the partition walls in order to gain additional space.

The flexibility and mobility of the divider floor screens is a great benefit, as these can be easily adapted to the needs of the business and of the employees.

Create additional breakout areas

Breakout areas are just as important as the actual workspace. They allow people to take a break from screens and interact during lunchtime which contributes to the office culture, but that’s not their only purpose. In a busy office, it can be challenging to find an available meeting room, especially last-minute, and having a client call in the middle of a buzzy floor can sometimes be a terrible idea. In these types of instances, a quiet and remote corner can seem like an oasis, and more often than not, it is hard to find. Partition floor screens can easily be used to divide a large breakout area in several smaller sections, thus creating additional remote corners where employees can have smaller catch-ups, calls or simply use it as a hot desking solution for when they need one.

The Range of Floor Screens

At Panelscreens, our range of office partition floor screens includes a wide array of fabric colours, heights and widths to suit your office needs.

For additional benefits, you can take it a step further and opt for an acoustic partition screen that will not only help create more space and safety in your workspace, but also absorb general office noise and reduce sound pollution, allowing your employees to better focus and perform their tasks with ease and peace of mind.

A great option is our Acoustic Office Screen with Fast Delivery, ideal for busy offices where space and quietness are precious commodities. The 40mm thick panels are covered in an additional foam layer that absorbs soundwaves and prevents them from propagating throughout the office, thus allowing you to manage sound and create an efficient working environment. This foam layer is further upholstered with our house fabric material, available in Charcoal Black, Royal Blue or Light Grey colours.

Freestanding, with stabilising ‘bar’ feet included, the acoustic office partition screens can be placed independently or linked together for a wider and more efficient office partitioning. For a complete office makeover, we offer matching desk acoustic screens.

2 office partition screens linked together, upholstered in charcoal black fabric, with freestanding bar feet that can be used to create new spaces within the office through partitioning.

Acoustic Office Floor Screen with Stabilising Bar Feet, Charcoal Black Fabric

Upholstered on both sides in Panelscreens house fabric material, the office partition screens come with the below options:

  • Maximum height: 1800mm
  • Maximum width: 1600mm
  • Available in 2 colours: Charcoal Black, Royal Blue

Should you have any questions or inquiries, our team of experts will be happy to help you with the best advice and accompany you in your journey of re-imagining your office set-up through the lens of the versatile office partition floor screens!