How To Fit A Desk Divider Screen Using Clamps with Panelscreens

Posted by Customer Service Team on 12th Aug 2019

How To Fit A Desk Divider Screen Using Clamps with Panelscreens

If you have just ordered one of our fantastic Desk divider screens or you are considering purchasing these for your office environment This blog is for you! Our desk divider screens have been created so that anyone can install them!

All our desk screens come with fittings included in the price, and depending on the type of desk you have you will either need mini feet or clamps. Clamps are primarily for cantilever style desks. This means that they have an overhang at the back or sides for the clamps to attach too. If your desk does not have an overhang on the edges don't worry we can supply you with mini feet which will be used to stand the desk screens on top of the desks.

By the end of this article you will be ready to get your desk dividers set up!

Before you Begin Setting up Your Desk Dividers

Please check that you have all your screens and each have come with correct fittings you need.

If your desks are height adjustable also, please ensure that any cables from PC monitors, telephones and network cables are detangled before these are attached. We would also recommend clearing space on your desk whilst these are being fitted.

The screens will be supplied with the clamps already attached to the desk divider screens that have been ordered. These are placed 150mm in from the front on either side of the desk screen, if this would not be suitable for your desks, please check out our desk divider screen measuring guide or simply get in touch with one of our team.

If you have ordered more than one desk screen you need to look at which screen will fit which side of the desk first.

Next take the clamps and open them up and place over the side of the desk edge and open more if needed.

Once you have done this, take the now opened clamps and screw the rods into the holes in the base of your desk divider screens.

Now this is done stand the screen upright and manoeuvre into the correct side of the desk. Depending on the size of the screen and weight, we would recommend two people to do this for ease and speed of the fitting.

Before you tighten the clamps, ensure that the screen is flush with the edge of your desk. Using the alan key supplied, you can now begin to tighten the clamps on either side.

You are now either ready to move onto the next desk divider screen or your now done and ready to get back to work!

Now that was easy!