Panelscreens Desk Divider Screens Measuring Guide and Checklist

Posted by Customer Service Team on 7th Aug 2019

Panelscreens Desk Divider Screens Measuring Guide and Checklist

If you're currently looking to purchase one of our desk divider screens, we have created a simple before you buy checklist and guide to what you need to consider before ordering your screens.

We have three product ranges our budget desk screens, which are acoustic desk divider screens which are 35mm thick, and our premium acoustic desk screens which are 60mm thick.

Desk Divider Screen Measuring Checklist

Thickness of the Desk

When measuring your desk you need to make sure that not only is the thickness of the desk is considered but also take into account the leg frame of the desk.

Obstructions of Clamp Positions

If you are ordering a desk screen with a widths of 1000mm, we will drill holes for the clamps 150mm in from each end. On desk screens that are over 1000mm wide, we will drill the holes 250mm in from each end. So when you are measuring your desk ensure that the leg brackets or leg will not block where the clamps will need to be fitted.

Monitor Arms

If your team has a monitor arms attached to the desk please ensure you measure where they sit and whether the clamps will be able to fit around these.

Our Range of Clamps

The DT Range of screen clamps fit the following ranges of desk partitions. Premium acoustic, budget desk dividers.

  • DT1 30mm to 85mm
  • DT2 18mm to 49mm
  • DTC2 18mm to 49mm
  • DT4 Screw to top
  • DT5 Screw to top
  • DT6 Screw to side
  • DT7 18mm
  • DT8 25mm
  • DT9 80mm

Special clamps are made to order and are supplied instead of standard clamps at an additional cost. Colours available include Light Grey*, Dark Grey, Brown, Black & Silver.

The SA Clamps are the standard clamps that you can choose from when you order your budget acrylic desktop screens. These clamps are included in the desktop screen price. Special clamps can be made to order for those occasion when the desks you want to fit desktop screens to, require non standard clamps. Special clamps have an add-on cost.

  • SA1 30mm to 35mm
  • SA 2 18mm to 49mm
  • SA 5Rest on top

If you still need further assistance or guidance contact one of our customer service team will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and offer you guidance.