The next generation imagery of comfort with the Stitch acoustic floor screens by Abstracta

9th Mar 2021

The next generation imagery of comfort with the Stitch acoustic floor screens by Abstracta

Wise words tell us that by doing what we love, we’ll never work a day in our life. When it comes to an ambiance as nurturing and rewarding as a vocation, Abstracta’s Stitch acoustic floor screens deliver an unmatched feeling of coziness beyond smart space partitions and outstanding sound absorption properties.

A maestro’s vision

Acclaimed Swedish interior designer Stefan Borselius marked another successful guest collection for Abstracta through the Stitch floor dividing screens, an audacious experiment translating his artistry of sofas into new creative terrains. Under Stefan Borselius' unique vision, the Stitch floor dividing screens expanded Abstracta’s expertise in office furniture towards showrooms, leisure hubs, cafés, and even home interiors.

A scientifically-demonstrated perception of comfort

The Stitch collection represents Stefan Borselius’ artistic response to the rigidity of angular spaces inefficiently dominating work environments. Studying the assimilation of space within human cognition and emotion, neuroarchitecture demonstrates how curvature forms produce a more positive effect on one’s affective state than angular shapes (Banaei et al, 2017). In a work environment, sinuous contours are demonstrated to enhance both creativity and productivity, inspiring comfort and inclusion. The frequently approached spatial transition through which architects blend curvaceous interiors as a continuation of structures and facades confirms the change of creative paradigms motivated by the effects of shape on productivity and the spectacular Tianjin Binhai Library in China represents the latest contemporary masterpiece to reiterate the effect. Even though designers may be more inspired by sharp, angular forms, research conducted by Grobman and Shemesh (2015) reveals how people outside the area found more comfort in what they perceive as a curvy interior. Furthermore, geometries which inspire a certain familiarity such as shapes we subconsciously associate to the contours of her home can elevate this effect further. Reconstructing the interior architecture may not be feasible, whereas adding additional furniture may affect the physical perception of the environment and, consequently, the experience of comfort. In addition to being an unrivaled space-efficiency trick, office partition screens can deliver the exact rounded shapes we search for in a room to nurture our state of comfort.

An office to indulge in

Beyond their opulent coziness, the cocooning vibe of the Stitch floor dividing screens comes with outstanding sound absorbing qualities exquisitely mastered through the unrivaled Abstracta know-how. The signature Abstracta filling used for its innovative acoustic solutions is adjusted in a wooden frame and padded into a plushy fabric. The rich upholstery is further shaped into a checked geometry by stitches that recreate the pampering vibe of cushions and padded down jackets. The upholstered construction has been calculated at a 85mm thickness to deliver both the optimal sound attenuation, as well as crafted proportions. The rich padding creates a unique visual effect of comfort thanks to their lacquered ash legs, an additional reference to home furniture.

A cushioning colour palette

The Stitch collection is available in the flamboyant Salsa fabric designed by Abstracta to recreate colours by inter-weaving yarns of two different hues. The scintillating yarns further blend into a 9 colours palette exquisitely curated by Abstracta to include both luscious grays, as well as elegant, yet lively shades of navy and Prussian blue, plum red and, honey or dijon yellow. Made to order, the screens can also be customised through Abstracta’s bespoke service.

A geometry to play with

Towering at 1540mm, the floor partition screens are available on three different versions of width -810mm, 1060mm, and 1310mm-all exquisitely harmonised with their 85mm thickness. The partition panels can be merged through connection fittings which allow creating wall-wide screens or perpendicular space divisions. The Stitch collection also includes table desk dividing screens of 650mm height and four versions of width that go from 860mm to 1460mm to 1660mm to 1860mm. Also available as side panels, the table desk screens can be adjusted for modesty.

Abstracta Stitch floor dividing screens come with a 5 year guarantee if handled within a normal wear and tear treatment and not subjected to abuse or misuse.