What is an acoustic partition screen and how does it work?

19th Jan 2021

What is an acoustic partition screen and how does it work?

Acoustic partition walls, acoustic desk screens, acoustic ceiling panels, acoustic wall baffles and acoustic carpets, among others, are all part of the sound management family, working together on keeping the noise levels of busy environments to a minimum. Whether it is in an open-plan office, a reception room, restaurant, library or even a testing facility or vaccination centre, acoustic screens efficiently absorb noise, reducing sound discomfort and contributing to the enhanced privacy and general wellbeing of the indoor space environment.

Reducing acoustic discomfort through sound management

How do acoustic screens work? Upholstered in sound absorbing fabric material, the acoustic screens and panels not only prevent the sound from propagating, but they also absorb part of the soundwaves, reducing reverberation and echo and thus mitigating background noise in a closed space. Sound is energy. It is essentially created through pressure waves, vibrations that travel through air, as well as solid mediums. As we well know, sound is not stopped by walls, it easily travels beyond them. Furthermore, soundwaves are reflected more intensely by certain surfaces, thus multiplying and creating echo.

Acoustics principles

Acoustics and sound management technology such as acoustic screens and panels have been designed and developed in order to take control of the way soundwaves travel through closed spaces and direct them with the purpose of reducing acoustic pollution and increasing comfort. Good acoustics rely on 3 key principles for managing sound: absorption, attenuation and diffusion.

Sound absorption

As acoustic panels are covered in a soft foam layer between their core and outer fabric material, this layer absorbs sound waves, thus stopping the vibrations from propagating and therefore significantly reducing background noise.

Sound attenuation

Attenuation refers to reducing the amount of sound waves that penetrate walls, transferring sound to an indoor space from the outside or from a neighbouring room.

Sound reducing panels can be used as fixed solutions, such as acoustic wall baffle panels or acoustic ceiling panels, or simply as lightweight acoustic partition screens, having greater flexibility for easily moving them around depending on specific needs. For optimal benefits, they are recommended to be used in conjunction, for both absorbing sounds inside the room and reducing the amount of noise that penetrates from outside.

Sound diffusion

Acoustic panels also help evenly diffusing sound throughout the indoor space, preventing the sound waves from being reflected back in a linear way and thus creating better acoustics in the room and enhanced comfort.

Sounds absorbing fabric upholstery on the Acoustic Freestanding Screen With UK Fast Delivery from Panelscreens

Quick and easy fix: Acoustic freestanding partition screens

One of our best selling acoustic products is the Acoustic Partition Screen with Fast UK Delivery, ideal for indoor spaces where privacy and acoustic comfort are essential. With 48 hour express delivery, as well as being easily assembled, these freestanding divider floor screens with sound absorbing properties are a quick, simple and great value for money solution for improving the acoustic comfort in any given indoor space, reducing up to 45% of the background noise.

The 40mm thick panels are covered in an additional foam layer that absorbs soundwaves and prevents them from propagating throughout the room, thus allowing you to manage sound and create a comfortable and quiet environment. This foam layer is further upholstered with our house fabric material, available in Charcoal Black and Royal Blue colours.

Acoustic Freestanding Screen With UK Fast Delivery from Panelscreens

Freestanding, with stabilising ‘bar’ feet included, the acoustic floor partition screens can be placed independently or linked together for a wider and more efficient office partitioning. For a simple and quick set-up, they include 2-2 panel linking strips used for connecting 2 screens together and 4-4 strips for connecting 4 screens. For further protection against acoustic pollution, you can also opt for matching desk acoustic screens.

Key benefits of the Acoustic Freestanding Partition Screens

  • 48 hour express delivery
  • Absorbing up to 45% of general office noise
  • 40mm thick, with an additional foam layer between outer fabric and melamine core
  • Screens can be placed directly on the floor and utilise a desk as support or can be used with the bar feet included
  • Matching fast delivery desk screens are available
  • 3 year guarantee is provided

Originally sought for managing sound in busy environments such as open-plan offices, the acoustic partition floor screens are efficient and valuable for any indoor space where privacy is needed, sound pollution needs to be reduced for enhanced comfort and additional space needs to be created in innovative ways.

Acoustic Freestanding Screens from Panelscreens, used for privacy in a clinic

Ideal for clinics, testing facilities and vaccination centres, the acoustic screens provide a much needed layer of protection, creating privacy and reducing noise, which helps patients feel more relaxed and increases their trust. With a quick and low-budget solution, clinics and vaccination centres can gain additional space as well provide patients with more privacy by placing acoustic partition screens throughout the room.

Whether you opt for freestanding acoustic partition screens, acoustic wall baffle panels or a combination of the entire stack of sound management solutions, it is important to consider acoustics in your office, clinic or institution, to assess the level of discomfort created by sound pollution and identify the optimal solutions for managing it in the most efficient way. Should you need advice on how to equip your space with soundproof solutions, we invite you to contact our team of experts who will be happy to assist you in finding the most suitable solution for your requirements.