Medical Easy Clean Antibacterial Vinyl Partition Screen Full Vision

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The full vision easy clean antibacterial vinyl office partition screen is part of our innovative easy clean office screens line. These screens have proved popular and are ideal for areas where spaces need to be separated while allowing light through and ensuring a safe and full visibility between areas, thus being perfect not just for open-plan offices, but also for hospitals or clinics, as well as testing facilities and vaccination centres. The full vision acrylic panel comes in 3 finishes, grey, clear or bronze. 

The vinyl fabric has been designed by leading industry manufacturers Spradling, who have designed and engineered the vinyl specifically for use in the healthcare industry. The vinyl offers the following protections:

•        Antibacterial Protection
•        Antifungal Protection
•        Antimycotic Protection
•        PERMABLOK3®
•        Anti-stain Finish

We have a wide variety of colours to choose from, and these screens can be used in conjunction with any other screens within this line such as the half vision easy clean, top vision vinyl screen or easy clean office partition to create waiting areas, breakout areas for informal team meetings or office cubicle enclosures for meeting rooms. 

These screens are supplied with stabilising feet as standard or can be supplied with fixed to the floor feet, or castor feet at an additional cost.


•        Linking or Freestanding
•        35mm thick panels
•        UPVC side trim in Dark Grey, Light Grey or Black
•        A choice of 15 vinyl colours
•        Stabilising feet included as a standard
•        Partition screens can be linked together to form straight runs or angle changes