3 easy ways to reduce office background noise with Acoustic Office Screens

4th Jan 2021

3 easy ways to reduce office background noise with Acoustic Office Screens

Is your workplace struggling to manage office background noise? Is the constant chatter, overlaid with the multiple conference call conversations and the occasional coffee machine run hindering productivity and giving your staff a hard time focusing and producing efficient and high quality work? Whether your business is an SME or an established corporation with spacious headquarters, the answer is most probably yes. How can you tackle that? How can you effectively manage sound and attain a significant office noise reduction in order to increase productivity? The solution comes in a variety of options, but acoustic office screens are definitely at the top of the list.

Sound management solutions for your office

There are numerous routes that can be taken in order to manage sound and provide your employees with a quiet and healthy environment that is conducive of productive working and fostering mental wellness. The very first step is becoming aware of whether your office is struggling with a noise issue or not, what are the particular concerns that people are dealing with and to what degree. Decisions are always better taken when based on facts and knowing your employees’ specific challenges is key. Once you know what the focus areas are and where priorities lie, you can start crafting your personalised plan for tackling background noise and managing sound in your office.

Acoustic office partition screens

Using acoustic divider walls to partition your office in multiple areas, to create a dedicated space for a breakout area or to add multiple meeting booths is the easiest and most efficient way of managing sound in the office. They are a flexible solution that can be easily assembled and adapted to the evolving needs - they can be linked and extended, fixed to the floor or placed on freestanding feet.

By equipping your office with acoustic partition screens and creating dedicated spaces not only will you be able to manage the areas where certain activities are performed, but these divider walls also have the capacity to absorb background noise and control acoustic dispersion, helping maintain a quiet environment in the workspace. The less surfaces in your office reflect sound waves, the less acoustic pollution your workplace will face and the easier it will be for your employees to focus and work uninterrupted.

Panelscreens offers a great option for a high quality budget Acoustic Partition Screen, absorbing up to 45% of general office noise.

Acoustic Partition Screen, Panelscreens

Alt text: 2 linked acoustic partition screens that divide the office space into separate areas and create privacy through sound absorbing panels, ideal for an open space office, breakout areas, meeting rooms.

The 30mm thick panels are upholstered on both sides in sound-absorbent fabric material and act as acoustic insulants, preventing the background noise from spreading and therefore eliminating the echo effect in your office.

The noise-reducing dividers are available with freestanding feet, adjustable levelling feet or fix to floor feet, which makes them a flexible solution for creating new spaces such as quiet work cubicles for small meeting spaces. Adding these sound-absorbing panels to your workspace provides great privacy and peace of mind in a busy office, creates a perfect breakout area and even acts as an ideal noise-cancelling room divider for your home office.

Available in 6 heights and 7 width options, they can also be customised to fit your particular space needs, so make sure to plan according to your office specific requirements and contact our team to discuss your need for bespoke services.

Acoustic desk screens

Acoustic office screens come as room dividers as well as desk-fitted screen dividers. It is ideal to mix these two elements so that each space can be enhanced by the adequate type of acoustic office screen.

Screen dividers can be installed as a freestanding acoustic insulant for each office desk, as a divider for a shared workstation or as a bench separator for team pods in open floor offices.

For a budget solution, we recommend the Acoustic Desk Partitions Mid Straight Top, one of our most popular sets of Desk Divider Screens. These mid acoustic desk screens were created specifically to help reduce noise and are perfect for noisy environments such as sales offices, trading floors or call centres, as well as for large open space agency offices.

Acoustic Desk Partitions Mid Straight Top, Panelscreens

Alt text: Blue mid acoustic desk partitions with straight top fitted on office desks and dividing the office pods in 4 workstations, accompanied by black task chairs with white frames and armrests.

The desk partitions can be installed on their own or linked with other desk dividers from the same range in order to create separated workstations within an office pod.

Available in 3 heights and 8 widths ranging from 800mm to 1800mm, the desk screens are 60mm thick and are pinnable, allowing your employees to clip important notes and handy information.

Acoustic wall baffle panels

If you are serious about tackling the background noise and taking control of the acoustic pollution in your office, you can take it a step further and equip your office with acoustic wall baffle panels. These are ideal for absorbing sound from the noisier zones like breakout areas as well as for keeping a quiet environment in meeting rooms that tend to face echo challenges.

For an efficient option with stylish design, check out the Quad Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles in our Acoustic Wall Baffle Panels section.

Quad Hexagon Acoustic Wall Tiles, Panelscreens

Alt text: Hexagonal acoustic wall baffle panels, colourful tiles mixing light grey, navy blue and fuchsia pink, fitted on a grey wall in a meeting room, ready to absorb the sound from the meeting table with six executive white leather office chairs.

Available as 40mm or 65mm thick, these frameless hexagonal acoustic wall tiles are filled with acoustic foam which will absorb up to 85% of direct sound at 1700Hz frequency. Get creative and mix and match your office fittings from a range of 15 colours and 6 sizes!

Green walls and plants for mental wellness and sound reduction

Last but not least, greenery and plants are not to be overlooked. Surprising as it may be, plants will not only contribute to your employees’ mental wellness, but will also help reduce noise.

Indoor green walls have become more and more popular as they have sound absorbent qualities by absorbing sound waves in their base layer and also add a touch of nature and green living to your workplace.

However you choose to soundproof your office, it is essential to find out exactly what are the challenges, what are people struggling with, and tackle that in a tailored way in order to foster a healthy working environment and improve productivity. Do not hesitate to enquire about bespoke services and look for advice on the best ways to reduce background noise and achieve acoustic comfort in your office. Whether you are looking for acoustic partition screens, acoustic desk dividers or acoustic wall baffle panes, Panelscreens is your trusted partner that can provide you the products that you need and the support that will help you achieve the best results.