Fast Delivery Framed Desk Partition Screens

This Fast Delivery Desk screen from DAMs, has an Aluminium frame and is upholstered in your choice of blue or charcoal Camira fabric. Screens are supplied with brackets for use on a 25mm desk as standard. Delivered within 48-72 hours.
RRP MSRP: £181.00 £147.00 ex. VAT
£176.40 inc. VAT

This Fast Delivery Desk Screen from Dams has an aluminium frame and is upholstered in either sleek charcoal or vibrant blue Camira fabric. It is supplied with brackets for use on 25mm desks. Delivered within 48-72 hours.

Dams Framed Desk Product Specifications

  • 40mm thick screen
  • 48-72 hour delivery
  • Brackets included
  • Brackets fit 25mm desks
  • Buy universal brackets separately
  • Widths: 1185mm, 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, 1800mm
  • Heights: 380mm
  • Camira Cara fabric colours:
  • Charcoal
  • Blue

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Fast Delivery Dams Framed Desk Screens

Dams dividers allow individuals to concentrate and collaborate. These desk screens are available with 48-72 hour delivery.

  • Fast delivery within three working days
  • Long-lasting, sturdy screen
  • Sound-absorbent filling
  • Sleek, minimalist divider
  • Softens soundscapes

Dams Framed Desk Dividers Reduce Sound Transmission

Dams screens were created to give professionals a sense of ownership over their workspaces. These 40mm thick desk partition screens are supplied with metal brackets that slot seamlessly onto 25mm desks. They are 380mm tall and supported by a sturdy aluminium frame. Professionals in study spaces, office spaces, and libraries can depend on Dams desk dividers for partial privacy.

Customers can purchase Universal Desk Brackets and Return Desk Screen Brackets if the supplied brackets do not fit their desks.

Customers can receive these dividers within 48-72 working hours. Once installed, Dams fabric desk screens function as barriers against sound waves. They block sound waves just above eye level, which means that professionals will not be distracted by workplace chatter. Dams semi-private dividers create space for quiet concentration, but they do not close employees off from collaboration.

Dams Framed Desk Mounted Screen Uses

Fast delivery screens are suitable for people who work in spaces that have harsh soundscapes. Harsh soundscapes are particularly common in open-plan environments that have high ceilings. Dams desk mounted screens will arrive within 48-72 working hours. They absorb sound vibrations and instantly create softer soundscapes.

These desk divider panels are 380mm tall. Employees and students can focus and complete deadlines in one moment and pop up to discuss collaborative tasks in the next. With Dams screens, it has never been easier to concentrate in collaborative environments.

Customers who want quick solutions also purchase Fast Delivery Acoustic Freestanding Office Screen, Fast Delivery Dams Desk Screen, and Fast Delivery Dams Wave Desk Screen with Bracket.

Dams Framed Fabric Desk Screen Materials

Dams desk partition screens are made to last. A thin melamine core forms the backbone of the divider. It is covered in noise-reducing foam and upholstered in premium-quality Camira Cara fabric.

These fast delivery screens feature a thick aluminium frame.

Dams Framed Desk Divider Panels Customisation

Like all the other Desk Screens that we stock, Dams desk dividers are upholstered in high-quality fabrics. We stock Camira Cara fabric for fast delivery Dams screens. Camira fabric is used on a wide range of acoustic office furnishings to provide a premium-quality finish. Charcoal black and vibrant blue hues are available.

The sturdy aluminium frame is a focal part of the divider. Customers can choose from white, silver, and black finishes. Black finishes are perfect for people who work in sleek environments. The white frame works well when combined with deep blue Camira fabric.

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Fast delivery Dams desk partition screens can revolutionise your workspace within 48-72 hours. We employ design technicians who can help you create personalised dividers. Fill in our online form to start the process.