Mini Shield Desk Mounted Glazed Screen

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£92.56 ex. VAT
£111.07 inc. VAT

Mini Desk Shield Product Specifications

  • This shield can be unrolled to the width you require
  • Length up to 850mm height 650mm
  • They are easy to install and take down when not needed
  • This product is for U-shaped desks, demonstrating its impressive versatility
  • Floor mounted versions of this product are available 
  • The shield is wrapped around magnetic posts. These can be placed on multiple surfaces in an office
  • These products are easy to clean with a multipurpose spray and dry microfibre cloth
  • This product is 100% recyclable 
  • 1 year manufacturing warranty

Key product benefits

  • Easy to install, goes up in seconds
  • Can be easily moved from desk to desk
  • Manufactured by industry leaders with high-quality, flexible PET film, this range is extremely easy to install across different desks and counters.
  • The 2 pole protective screen offers safe and effortless collaboration amongst a group of people. 
  • These screens allow you to protect office members and clients at a low price.
  • You do not need screws to install these screens. They are fitted with patent magnets for easy application. 
  • They are also extremely flexible, which makes them easy to take down and roll up for storage when not needed.
  • These screens are sustainable, and will be turned into clothing when returned.

Mini Shield Desk Mounted Glazed Screen are part of our sustainable shields screen range, which help to protect people from the spread of viruses in busy office environments. They can be fitted in any office environment, no matters its size or aesthetic. In fact, these glazed screens offer a modern and fresh finish for any corporate space. Our 2 pole work desk shield offers protection between desks or stand alone setups, making it an exceptionally versatile product. 


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