Acoustic concertina glass walls partitions

Shielding, yet welcoming,concertina glass walls partitions complement the energy and functionality of retail, corporate office spaces and transportation facilities.

The range is composed of foldable glazed glass partitions which can be easily transformed into acoustic concertina walls.

The foldable panels include  two layers of fortified safety glass connected to an easy to use operating mechanism.

Secured in aluminium profiles discreetly framing each panel by full width both on its top and bottom, the glazed glass sections can be automatically operated through an concealed spring-loaded floor bold system. 

These partition systems reach a sound isolation performance of up to 46 dB. 

The concertina glass walls partitions can be customised through various decorative finishing procedures, such as they can accommodate a state-of-the-art photograph transfer technology.

Manufactured in the UK.

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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 Movable Glass PartitionsMovable Glass Walls
Acoustic Rating dB (Rw)
Acoustic Rating STC
Glass Thickness (mm) 10 / 12 6 + 6
Panel Thickness (mm) 35 100
Weight kg/m2 43 50
Max Panel Height (mm) 3000 3000
Max Opening Width Any Any
Panel Widths (mm) Max 1000 Max 1000
Panel Construction / Frame Aluminium Aluminium
Panel Construction / Seal Fixed Operable
Panel Construction / Outer Glass Glass
Track System / Ceiling
Track System / Floor None None

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