Sprint Linking Strips

The Sprint Linking strips can be used to combine office screens together to create more structured areas, such as waiting spaces, informal breakout or quiet areas in the workplace or schools.
£16.50 ex. VAT
£19.80 inc. VAT

Sprint linking equipment is perfect for professionals who want to create structured areas such as waiting spaces, informal breakout areas, and quiet environments. Linking strips can revolutionise workplaces and schools.

Sprint Linking Strips Product Specifications

  • Create a number of configurations
  • Made from durable rubber
  • Easy installation
  • Hassle-free
  • Following linking strips available:
  • Rigid 2-way in-line link
  • Flexible 2-way in-line link
  • Rigid 3-way link
  • Rigid 4-way link

Key Benefits of Floor-Standing Screen Linking Strips

Sprint linking strips could be just what you need to improve concentration and social distancing. These stylish, slim dividers can stand alone or be linked to form alcoves for desks.

  • 2-way, 3-way, and 4-way linking
  • Made of durable rubber
  • Designed for open-plan spaces
  • Improves social distancing

Sprint Office Screen Dividers

Sprint creates stylish floor-standing screens for offices, libraries, study spaces, and schools. The minimalist appearance is ideal for professionals who want long-lasting furnishings that fade into the background. The dividers are upholstered in Nyloop and Macflex fabrics that come in a range of colours.

Sprint Office Screen Divider is a modern solution to open, airy spaces.

We stock Sprint office screen accessories. Customers can purchase Sprint Castor Feet and linking strips to make their screens even more versatile. The dividers can stand alone or connect to form strong barriers. We stock rigid 2-way in-line links, flexible 2-way in-line links, rigid 3-way links, and rigid 4-way links.

Sprint Dividers for Offices Linking Uses

Sprint creates screen dividers for offices, libraries, and schools. These office divider panels can be purchased in a range of heights to support concentration. The fabric is even pinnable. Customers can also purchase office screen castors to move their dividers and lock them in place.

With our wide range of linking strips, any configuration is possible. Customers can use 2-way in-line links to divide students or employees who are working on separate projects. Each divider encourages concentration and focus. 3-way and 4-way links are perfect for professionals who want to create alcoves for meetings, individual study, and desks.

Browse through our range of Fabric Office Dividers and Office Screens for more elegant furnishings.

Sprint Office Divider Panels Linking Materials

Sprint office room dividers are made from versatile, durable materials. The additional office screen accessories are no exception. Sprint linking strips are made from strong metal. The metal will not corrode over time.

When professionals invest in Sprint, they can expect long-lasting furnishings and equipment.

Sprint Office Room Dividers Linking Customisation

We stock a wide range of linking accessories for Sprint floor-standing screens.

  • Rigid 2-way in-line links allow two office screen dividers to connect in a straight line.
  • Flexible 2-way in-line links allow office divider panels to connect. The dividers do not have to be placed in a straight line. This type of linking strip gives customers more flexibility with cubicle arrangements.
  • Rigid 3-way links allow office room dividers to form alcoves. Alcoves are perfect for individual desk spaces or impromptu meeting spots.
  • Rigid 4-way links create cross-shaped screen dividers for offices. Four desks can fit inside the four alcoves.

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