Gemini Folding Office Screen Dividers

Gemini folding office dividers are flexible and easy to set up with their unique Zip Linking system. Fabric upholstered and sold in sets of 2 or 3 screens, you can divide your office or room space how you want when you want.
£348.98 ex. VAT
£418.78 inc. VAT

Gemini Folding Office Dividers are flexible and easy to set up. The unique zip linking system means that any configuration is sturdy and secure.

Gemini Folding Divider Product Specifications

  • 28mm thick fabric screen
  • Corner radius of 50mm
  • Pinnable surface
  • Sold in twos and threes
  • Stitched detail on the edge
  • Dual colour option available
  • Unique zip system
  • Two height-adjustable feet included
  • MDF core
  • Widths: 800mm, 1200mm
  • Heights: 1200mm, 1600mm
  • Camira fabrics available:
  • Cara
  • Blazer
  • Blazer Lite
  • Synergy

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Gemini Folding Office Screens

Gemini office divider panels are ideal for agile working environments. These Fabric Office Dividers are available in packs of two and three.

  • Unique zip system
  • Multi-functional boards
  • Made for impromptu meetings
  • Barriers against harsh sounds
  • Upholstered in Camira fabrics

Folding Floor-standing Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Gemini folding office screen dividers are typically sold as a duo. Customers can also purchase packs of three dividers. They are ideal for professionals who want to create impromptu private spaces in open-plan environments. All Gemini floor-standing screens feature a simple yet unique zip linking system. This system allows the panels to be set at any angle. For versatile and multi-functional dividers, look no further than Gemini.

Office screens act as barriers against sound waves. Sound waves become sound vibrations when they come into contact with materials. The more barriers that vibrations have to travel through, the more they will dissipate. Gemini panels fulfil two purposes: they divide spaces and block the transmission of sound waves.

Customers who want sleek, functional dividers also purchase Border Pinnable Office Screen Divider and Mobile Triple Office Screen.

Folding Office Dividers Uses

Gemini office dividers are unique in that they feature a zip on the side. The dividers, which are sold in sets of two and three, can be seamlessly connected via the zipper. This unique system allows customers to set the dividers at any angle. One day, Gemini dividers can form a linear line that separates spaces, and the next, the dividers can be reconfigured to create impromptu meeting spaces.

We recommend Gemini screen dividers for offices, libraries, and even study spaces. These office divider screens have pinnable surfaces which promote organisation. Agile teams can use Gemini panels as a base for to-do-lists, urgent notes, and brainstorming.

Folding Screen Dividers for Offices Materials

Gemini office room dividers are made from sturdy materials. These floor-standing screens need robust cores to stay upright. There is a 25mm double laminated kraft lined board inside each screen. The board is strengthened with battens that are constructed from 18mm MDF that is mechanically pinned to the edges.

These long-lasting boards are upholstered in Camira fabrics.

Folding Office Divider Panels Customisation

Office screen dividers do not have to be boring! Our bespoke pieces can be customised to suit any environment. All Gemini office dividers are upholstered in Camira fabrics, which are perfect for sleek professional spaces. Customers can choose from popular Camira fabrics such as Cara, Blazer, Blazer Lite, and Synergy.

We stock a range of colours. Customers can tailor their Gemini screen dividers for offices, study spaces, and libraries. It does not matter whether your environment is vibrant or understated. There is a Camira fabric colour for everyone.

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Gemini floor-standing screens are available for purchase today! These multi-functional dividers can be customised to suit any style. Contact our team to start customising your Gemini dividers.