Border Office Screen Divider

Border office screen divider is a 30mm thick aluminium framed screen. The Border includes 2 way straight linking included in the frame. The Border screen is upholstered in Camira Fabric and has a top rail for tools & accessories included.
RRP MSRP: £400.00 £211.95 ex. VAT
£254.34 inc. VAT

Border Office Screen Dividers are 30mm thick noise dampening screens. Each screen arrives with two-way straight linking equipment, which is perfect for open-plan professional spaces.

Border Divider Product Specifications

  • 30mm thick screen
  • Acoustic fibreboard core
  • Inline, two-way, three-way, four-way, and 120-degree linking available
  • Two inline links/end trims included
  • Aluminium frame
  • White or silver finish available
  • Widths: 800mm to 1800mm
  • Heights: 1200mm, 1400mm, 1600mm
  • Camira fabrics available:
  • Cara
  • Lucia
  • Blazer
  • Blazer Lite
  • Synergy

Please note: Photographic fabric scans are not colour-accurate. We recommend requesting a fabric sample before ordering. 

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Key Benefits of Border Office Screens

For effective, minimalist designs, look no further than Border office divider panels. These simple dividers create private spaces and smooth soundscapes.

  • 30mm thick divider
  • Excellent noise dampening properties
  • Minimalist design principles
  • Can link together or stand-alone
  • Perfect for loud environments

Border Floor-Standing Screens Reduce Sound Transmission

Border floor-standing screens are designed with minimalists in mind. Each divider is comprised of medium density fibreboard (MDF) that is faced with 20mm recycled paper vented honeycell beecore. The acoustic core is sandwiched between a sturdy, aluminium frame. Border office screens come with a top rail for tools. Extra organisational accessories can be purchased separately.

These free-standing dividers are excellent for loud, abrasive soundscapes. The noise dampening core absorbs sound waves. Border office dividers function as barriers against unwanted sounds. They disrupt sound waves before they become echoes. The Camira fabric upholstery options are all approved for use in acoustic furnishings.

Border Pinnable Office Screen Divider, Border Part Glazed Office Screen Divider, and Border Desk Partition Screen complete the range.

Border Office Dividers Uses

Border screens come with two inline links, which means that they can be configured in a number of ways. Professionals can link several dividers together in a line to form a strong acoustic barrier against unwanted sounds and to create separate spaces for teams. Border office room dividers can also be connected in a cross formation to create four separate alcoves for desks.

These stylish, minimalist office screens are also suitable for libraries and study spaces. They are perfect for any environment that requires peace and quiet. Each board contains a sound-absorbent core that absorbs sound waves.

Purchase 3 or 4 way linking posts to create non-linear formations.

Border Screen Dividers for Offices Materials

Border floor-standing screens are sturdy and long-lasting. These office dividers panels contain a medium density fibreboard (MDF) core that is faced with 20mm recycled paper vented honeycell beecore. An aluminium frame holds the acoustic filling upright, and the entire divider is upholstered in Camira fabrics.

Border Office Divider Panels Customisation

Screen dividers for offices do not have to be dull! Our bespoke customisation options allow professionals to create dividers that suit their preferences. Border office screens are upholstered in Camira fabrics, which have excellent sound absorption properties. We stock a range of Camira fabrics, including Cara, Lucia, Blazer, Blazer Lite, and Synergy.

The colours range from light mustard tones to deep blue hues. There is a colour to suit every style. Customers can order office divider panels that pop with colour or blend into the background.

Buy Border Office Room Dividers Today

Border office room dividers can revolutionise your space. Contact our team today to start the customisation process. They can advise you on which tones suit your space. For real-time advice from discerning designers, look no further.