Adding privacy as the key asset in open space offices

12th Apr 2021

Adding privacy as the key asset in open space offices

Open space offices are intended to inspire an inclusive organisational culture where team bonding occurs spontaneously to be further consolidated on a day-to-day interaction. Regardless how participative an open space office may prove to be in an architect’s sketches, studies conducted by the Harvard Business School warn how such layout can ironically lead to a 70% decrease in peer communication.

How do open offices influence productivity?

Privacy is cited as the main inconvenience of open space offices, as one third of professionals state the efforts to maintain their focus, as such a work environment affects their productivity. For one in eight people who are challenged to perform in such an environment, distractions become concerning enough to make them consider changing their job.

Why do businesses opt for open space offices?

From an entrepreneur’s perspective, open layout offices are favoured for pragmatic reasons related to area and utilities. Space-efficiency remains therefore an issue that eliminates the prospect of more substantial adjustments, but highlights the use of wall panels as an effort-free office partition solution. When contemplating on the desired corporate culture, entrepreneurs strived towards setting the ground for teal building, exchange of ideas, and cooperation between colleagues.

How to set a balance?

Confronted with such a goal, employees respond that on the contrary, it is a sense of ownership over their own work and space that would inspire a more meaningful engagement. This exact input of privacy can be brilliantly balanced with the fabric floor panels created by Dams. The acoustic space dividers are composed of a melamine core coated in a foam layer and further covered in fabric. Calculated at an optimal thickness of 40mm, its smart internal design ensures both sound absorption, as well as a smart office partition. The office partition panels have been introduced on three height versions -1200mm, 1500mm and 1800mm- to ensure various levels of communication and privacy between colleagues.

Design your own office

The screens can be easily merged into walls of various sizes, such as they can be crossed to create modular space partitions which respond to the discretion requirements of showroom, consultancy, administrative, and customer care assistance, as well as any other one-to-one services. Extremely flexible, the panels can be moved and reconfigured in accordance to your team’s dynamic needs. The panels are fixed by the desk or through standard bar feet. As for creating various geometries, the screens can be connected through linking strips.

A work environment that is truly your own

Dams has curated an exuberant colour palette for each of the fabric floor and desk divider panels, so that your new office can truly reflect your company’s branding. Black and blue panels are available for next day delivery, while extra shades can be ordered upon request.

Your desk, your privacy

Dams extended its office panel collection to include bracket fixable desk partition screens which adapt the same anatomy used in floor partition models on a 30mm slim contour. Private, yet friendly, the desk screens allow reaching the optimal space partition that also ensured a clutter-free work area. Dams has also explored the creativity inspired by desk partitions and introduced aluminium frame screens which can be fixed and secured through the same principles, featuring desk legs and brackets. The aluminium frame screens accommodate the same fabric and colour opportunities, while the glazed version complements your office with a sleek, contemporary vibe. The fabric desk dividers can be ordered in seven width versions and the aluminium frame screens in five, inviting you to sketch whatever geometry of privacy favours your team most.

From space partition to space protection

The safety measures imposed during the coronavirus crisis inspired Dams to introduce new transparent acrylic models catering public relations desks. Manufactured of a 5mm thick clear acrylic, the transparent panels ensure the same visibility and communication flow, while providing a safe and easy to sanitise anti-bacterial protection shield. The new acrylic screens can be set on any 25mm desktop.