Dams and Vocare’s coronavirus call centre: Reaching exceptional protection requirements with an industry-approved formula for acoustic performance

12th Apr 2021

Dams and Vocare’s coronavirus call centre: Reaching exceptional protection requirements with an industry-approved formula for acoustic performance

Performance can hardly be fathomed under pressure, yet extraordinary times call for new heights to an already outstanding commitment to excellence.One of the first healthcare services intermediaries to cater the general public within the coronavirus pandemic, Vocare advances an astonishing case study of promptitude in which Dams pushed its office solution expertise to new territories in safety, functionality, and space efficiency.

As an NHS partner facilitating calls for urgent care services, GP out-of-hours assistance or the 111 services, Vocare Group reaches no less than ten million patients across the UK. In April 2020, Vocare converted their Newcastle office into a call centre especially set to attend enquiries on the coronavirus as a joint effort with Lyreco. The pilot centre raised the challenge of finding an adapted furniture setting which could be set in record time under the pressure of the lockdown restrictions. The installation team assigned only had the Easter weekend to make the centre functional. The task has been remarkably delivered by Dams, Lyreco’s established supplier of office furniture which had to respond to a brief of desks and screens that were previewed to go combined in order to recreate the appropriate layout of a call centre. 

Screening its portfolio safety and sanitation requirements which had never been encountered before, Dams had identified the exact desired parameters in its Maestro 25 range which was by its versatile and space-efficient design was reliable enough to guarantee the optimal layout for privacy and extra protection. Prior to the Newcastle project, the desk received praises coming from by both the commercial, as well as the office segments. Its strength and stability were frequently mentioned alongside the timeless elegance highlighted by the refined contrast between the powder coated frame structure and the 25mm wooden melamine finish. Dams’ office screens had been previously reported as a top choice for call centres, as feedback highlighted the exact sound isolation performance which allowed operators to attend customers without losing their focus over possible distractions perceived from their colleagues' own calls. Follow-ups for orders coming from the call centre industry and beyond recommended the screens as a smart space partition solution which ensures not only privacy, but also a cluster free working area. Secured by brackets that confer stability on any 25 desktop, the 6 width options allowed the screen to be adjusted to any office layout. Their screens are designed to advance modesty rather than separation, as the 400mm height had been exactly calculated to ensure privacy while also allowing colleagues to engage with one another if desired. Sound isolating properties behind the 30mm thicknesses are delivered by an acoustic foam layer covering a slim melamine panel. The outer fabric coating can be easily transformed in a style statement thanks to the customisable colour palette that allows the screens to either reflect a company’s branding or advance new creative contrasts within the office interior.

In spite of the growing safety concerns, Dams made no compromise from its default next day delivery policy when attending the Vocare centre. By Good Friday, the Dams team had outstandingly set up the facility by installing 64 Maestro 25 cantilever leg desks, 32 fabric desktop screens and 80 fabric return screens in just one day. Their professionalism was only matched by that of their colleagues from Dams’ Transport department who held a close collaboration with Lyreco to conduct the delivery in an efficient time setting. The centre was already operable as Vocare’s team returned after the Easter weekend when it responded to its first calls. As the installation was completed, Dams collected all packaging and other recyclable elements to minimise the environmental impact of the delivery.