Health and ambient benefits of acoustic moss walls

22nd Jul 2021

Health and ambient benefits of acoustic moss walls

Freund has designed a highly versatile acoustic moss wall panel that could easily highlight the personality of your home, office, lounge, or restaurant.

Unrivalled air cleansing which captures even the most dangerous pollutants

Moss has no roots yet we can find it reigning in almost natural or human-made environments. Adapting and expanding on unpredictable environments forced moss to ensure its nutrients through a process called biofiltration following which it absorbs all impurities found in their vicinity and transforms them into oxygen. Moss is demonstrated to have the capacity of metabolising even the substances which are signalled to have devastating effects on human health such as toxic residuals, chemicals, and aerosols.

A rebalanced thermal comfort through both temperature, as well as humidity

Favouring damp environments, moss becomes a loyal ally in the fight against the mould to which every household is inevitably exposed through the humidity generated by human metabolism (1.6 Kg of moisture per occupant in just 24 hours) or daily activities (3,000 g/day just from cooking with gas cooker). The acclimatisation processes of moss end up readjusting the room ambiance to between 40 and 60% humidity, curiously, the exact optimal level for humans. Humidity is far from being the only physical parameter in your home or office ambiance to be upgraded by the presence of moss art which can also readjust the interior temperature to deeper insulation in winter and a cooler, breezy vibe in summer.

Acoustic moss walls reduce ambient noise

The best acoustic comfort for humans is calculated at around 45 decibels. However, studies conducted on noisy environments such as offices reveal an increase to even 60 or 80 decibels causing headaches, concentration issues, and consequently, delays in the performance of tasks. Acoustic moss is confirmed to reduce the ambient noise by up to 10dB with an absorption value of 0.96. Regardless of the sound challenges encountered in a room, moss remains notably performant in absorbing mid and high-range sound frequencies which account for human voices, but also sharp noises such as printers or phone ring tones.

How does acoustic moss affect wellbeing?

Moss has an outstanding impact on wellbeing, both through its active properties, as well as through the calming effect of being directly exposed to nature’s green. Acoustic moss walls placed in an office environment can improve focus which will have a positive impact on performance and productivity.

Acoustic moss is a new art form for interior spaces

Through its bountiful texture and effortless maintenance, moss has impressed all nature enthusiasts who dream of a personal garden but lack either the space or schedule that may allow them to fully embrace their affinity. They have also become the strongest advocates for moss art that has panels cut, cropped, or stitched together in boundless creative possibilities. Fixed on flexible lightweight backboards, Freund moss panels can be easily harmonised to your design ideas, as they can smoothly be adjusted on any plain or curved surface such as arches or columns. Available in sets of panels, our Evergreen acoustic moss wall panels can cover an entire wall of your room ceiling, such as can easily be cut on demand to bespoken shapes. However, DIY creativity is also welcomed as long as you can master the desired geometry. Once you have the desired shape, moss panels can be easily installed, almost like any other artwork. To boost your inspiration, Freund proposes two rich, luscious shades for your new moss panel, forest, and apple green, both obtained through cleaning and sustainable treatment. As moss is better adjusted to damp environments, you don’t have to worry about light exposure. Your new moss art will welcome any corner of your house or office towards which your most inspired. Contrary to landscaping, your new vertical garden requires absolutely no maintenance, as moss replaces watering with its synthesis of ambient substances. As for trimming, length and symmetry never posed an issue.

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