How to pick the acoustic screen that best fits your office

20th Jul 2021

How to pick the acoustic screen that best fits your office

Reconfiguring your open office layout represents a continuous challenge as your business opportunities grow and your team welcomes new talents or new hubs for ideas and meetings. Designing your work space does not concern creativity as it does ergonomics by reaching the exact level of acoustic and visual comfort that would guarantee your team’s focus and productivity. Acoustic space dividing screens reach both goals in one device.

From individual offices to meeting rooms, service corners for loud equipment such as copy machines and even break areas for socialising, acoustic space dividing screens can deliver any layout favouring your business and corporate culture. Mobile screens offer the benefit of flexibility as they can allow constantly readjusting your office to emerging needs. However, various factors, from the number of colleagues, your business operations and even the existing wall isolation may highlight other screen options as recommendable for your office.

Desk Mounted Screens

Desk mounted screens represent the most convenient solution for providing individual offices for your team. Designed at an optimal height to cover human voice, yet not restrict visual contact, desk mounted screens allow combining collaborative work with a sense of ownership. Desk mounted screens are also appreciated for facilitating a clutter-free work area, much more when they come with various accessories such as toolbars or whiteboards. Furthermore, their length can also be extended towards various modesty requirements. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, desktop screen had been adjusted with a sanitary plexi extensions which allowed returning back to work in safety. Usually secured through adjustable brackets, desk mounted screens represent the most space efficient working area partitioning solutions. Compared to other space partitioning devices, they also bring the advantage of transforming tables into desktop areas.

Floor standing partitions

Once interconnected through stable, hermetical, yet flexible linkage systems, floor standing partitions can even help you redesign a completely different layout for your office, as screen can be connected both perpendicularly, as well as a continuous wall. Configurations can be further extended by integrating acoustic ceiling panels which allow obtaining the privacy of a meeting booth or phone pod. When opting for a fabric version, the new partitions can best reflect your company branding through their upholstery. Glass can be an inspired option when aiming to retain as much as possible from the atmosphere on an open office or when you want to highlight your team’s energy and dynamism as a complementary pitch for meeting with clients or investors. A wooden finish option can be integrated to inspire the visual effect of an actual partition wall. When adjusted on a caster system, the floor standing partitions can provide the convenient option of improvised meeting corners, service stations or exhibition stands.

Hanging acoustic panels

Hanging acoustic panels represent a salutary adjustment for tall interiors which, by their physical parameters, are most likely to generate echoes. Though their acoustic performance is notably engineered towards eliminating or reducing reverberation, wall ceiling panels still highlight sound absorbing properties. However, for the best soundscape, it’s recommended that their performance be correlated to that of desktop screens or floor partitions. Since their action is required not necessarily above the entire office, but rather around working stations or other areas of generating noise, you can also opt for clouds which can be hanged at specific positions. The aesthetic potential of clouds inspired designers towards various shapes which can be harmonised both to your company’s spirit, as well as to your office interior.

Nevertheless, as the sanitary measures imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic are maintained in the return to normal, you can ensure your team a safe welcome with adapted devices such as antimicrobial screens and standing partitions, as well as foot-operated sanitiser stations.