What storage options to pick for your office

20th Jul 2021

What storage options to pick for your office

Knowing exactly where to locate key documents does not only bring the benefit of time efficiency, but also the comfort and confidence of always connecting your resources in the best synergies. Since by capacity, stability, and even material each amenity responds to a distinctive purpose, we have selected the optimal office storage solutions to keep your data organised according to your company’s needs.

Storage units represent a center piece for business, maintaining all records of its activity, as well as other key resources. Investing in storage units can provide a preview of your business growth expectations, yet beyond reliability and long term use, present needs also recommend thinking about space efficiency. With no compromise over functionality, storage solutions highlight various designs and finishes which allow integrating the storage units in any interior.

What storage units to pick?

Individual offices are best favoured by multi-functional sideboards, whereas wider and more generous options shelves can also serve for space partitioning when separating teams in an open layout office.

Wooden storage

A classical, elegant choice, wooden storage options are assimilated as a reflection of professionalism and a self-exigent ethos. However, conventional pieces such as bookcases, filing cabinets, sideboards or cupboards have been adapted into more contemporary and even avant-garde styles ideal for teams who want their offices to present them as mavericks and innovators. Designs have even been adapted towards responding to the peculiarities of individual or collective offices, as well as those of boardrooms and meeting rooms. The usual palette of finishes which revolves around oak, maple, cherry, beech and walnut has been complemented with wooden, neutral or bespoken bold shades.

Metal storage

An ideal option for archives thanks to their robustness and isolating capacity which guarantees a better safeguarding before challenging environment parameters, metal storage units had brilliantly crossed over to office furniture, adding a sleek, dynamic touch to its personality. Their industrial vibe has been softened by new choices of colours which highlight a bold and dynamic organisational culture. As for their functionality, metal storage units can accommodate not only documents, but also equipment, making them ideal for design studios, surveyors, or any kind of teams whose work is assisted on field by sensitive technology. Furthermore, metal storage options stand out as being more hermetic than other designs. Metal storage units also bring the advantage of lockable individualised space options.

Storage Walls

Highly functional and discreet, storage walls may be adjusted to the entire configuration of a room. Beyond their role of safeguarding confidential documents, lockable storage walls ensure an elegant, focus friendly general appearance with no disruptive elements such as book covers or folders. Recreating the atmosphere of a registry room, they can even design the e tire aesthetics of a room, if reproducing the shade chosen for walls or if harmonising contrasts.

How about archives?

Filing may represent a critical day to day task in out job, much more as it may be linked to the obligation of preserving documents and reports demanded in accountancy. Documents can be easily identified by date and purpose if filed distinctively by colour and size, though options for their individualisation may also consider styles, and finish. Once filed, lockable cabinets ensure their safeguarding the optimal conditions of safety. If your company’s operation volume and maturity imposes the necessity of establishing some archives, slimline office cupboards of tall designs can highlight unrivalled solutions for use of space.

Mobile storage units

Storage solutions should not only be envisioned in a static approach, as meetings also demand preparing the appropriate documents which would circulate from one participant to another. On such grounds, movable bookshelves of various sizes can be the best solution for the board room, as well as for specific procedures such as auditing.