Why moss art is the secret you needed for a healthy ambiance in your home and office

13th Oct 2021

Why moss art is the secret you needed for a healthy ambiance in your home and office

Studies on the effect of visual stimuli on productivity indicate that the more relaxing a view is perceived, the more energising it becomes. Muffle has captured the endurance and the tonic beauty of moss as the key asset for an acoustic space partitioning solution for a focus friendly ambiance. All powered by nature.

Why switch to vegetation as interior decor?

A spatial synergy with vegetation is more and more recognisable as the new paradigm in architecture, making its way to interior design and even layout configuration.Research conducted both in various organisations from business to campuses indicate how the presence of plants helps boost productivity, inspiring a clearer vision for problem solving, sharper focus, and greater task commitment. Inspired by the new movement, Muffle has transformed the luxuriant coziness of Iceland (reindeer) moss into a surprising acoustic space partitioning solution which ensures evergreen style and functionality.

The unmatched benefits of moss in your home and office

As a territorial plant which adapts on any surface, whether soil or stone, moss has an outstanding effect on balancing oxygenation in any natural or artificial environments. Moss is praised as one of nature’s most performant air filters absorbing both carbon dioxide, as well as pollutants which are efficiently transformed in biomass. Furthermore, its acclimatisation mechanisms have moss absorb and metabolise airborne dust which may amass both toxic residuals such as aerosols, chemicals, smoke, as well as damaging organic components such as mould.

Create a new dimension of thermal comfort

Once installed, you don’t have to worry about creating a specific environment to accommodate your new moss wall. The regular humidity parameters (40% to 60%) found naturally in each household are simply sufficient for you to enjoy your green oasis. Furthermore, observations on the adjustment capacity of plants to new environments indicate how moss rebalance the room’s humidity level to the exact optimal degree which favours human health by reducing the spread of viruses and diseases. Lacking roots, moss conducts all nourishing processes from its ambient. Thanks to its capacity of absorbing excess humidity, the moss wall also requires absolutely no watering or feeding routine. Furthermore, the evapotranspiration processs which follows the metabolisation of ambient substances succeeds in restablishung the room temperature by producing a cooler atmopshere summer, while ensyring better insulation during the winter.

Upgrade your room soundscape with the power of nature

With its sound absorption capacity that goes up to 90%, the wall panel can ensure acoustic comfort on two levels. While vegetation is demonstrated to filter high-frequency sounds, the structure accommodating the panel are proven efficient against low frequency noises.

Transform nature into your design board with limits to your creativity

Mounted on flexible lightweight (HDF) backboards, the moss can be attached on any surface, whether plain, or rounded, adorning arcades or pillars. Your own inspiration should be the only guideline to follow, as the easy to mount moss wall requires no special light. The moss panels come in a standard 380 mm x 580 mm format, compact enough for you to truly express your inspiration for any space, yet sufficiently wide to not discourage your creativity. Furthermore, with an option of in house cutting, you can choose transforming your new wall panel into branding opportunities, maps, or statement artworks. Each carton contains five panels, adding to a total surface of (1.1 m2).

The Premium version has the moss cleaned and processed within a nourishing method before being partially dyed to a bountiful natural shade or in a fizzy apple green hue. The moss panels can be upgraded upon request to a B1 fire resistance treatment. Dying or fire resistance coating do not affect any of the moss wall’s beneficial effects.