Zen 01 Acoustic Booths

3-5 weeks

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Zen is a philosophy used by monks which allows them to meditate and use their intuition. This ideology translates perfectly into our latest range of  upholstered, sound absorbing booths. 

Zen provides a quiet space to work or collaborate and can be tailored to your exact requirements, leaving no limitation to the product, only your imagination. The system is remarkably flexible and you can specify the standard 22 models you see here or design-your-own Zen to fit into your space, to suit your needs. Whether you want a breakout space for staff, a calming place for concentration or simply an area to communicate, Zen has a solution. This can be achieved by adjusting the height, width, depth, footprint, configuration, tiers, seating, work surfaces and audio visual/ power/charge requirements. 

Zen panels are filled with sound absorbing foam, designed to absorb unwanted noise which have been tested with a 30dB rating. 


Option 1 Open top

• H: 1900mm  /  W: 1100mm  /  D: 800mm

• 1 x Zen seat

• desktop at 725mm high 


Option 2 -  Halo roof, ceiling and lighting

• H: 2100mm  /  W: 1100mm  /  D: 800mm

• Halo roof

• Ceiling and lighting

• 1 x Zen seat

• desktop at 725mm high 

You can alter this model and design-your-own Zen to fit into your space, to suit your needs. 

If you want to speak to one of our design technicians about how best to improve space for Zen Acoustic Booths or to talk about our bespoke services get contact us today!

This product has a 5 year guarantee against defects providing that the product has only been subjected to normal wear and tear and has not been misused or abused. For further information please refer to our terms and conditions.



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